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Almost the end of the month… CDA Theme for June!

Fly Away with me 3I bet you have all been busy with spring cleaning, whether you spent a good while in your garden and caught your first sun burn or packing away the winter clothes for another year inside the home. I have brought out my summer quilt for the couch and am trying to catch up with the dust bunnies that seem to multiply more rapidly this time of the year. Living in the country along a dirt road means that we always have an extra dose of dust entering the house and studio at this time of the year.

Speaking of the studio, the dust has multiplied there especially with the increased kit packing activity. Tearing cotton canvas, cutting turban cloth and gathering wool fibers for supplies always do their magic. I wanted to get all this out of the way before I leave for Quilt Canada. As soon as I get home I will be hanging the design student exhibition and need empty tables and extra floor space for the display stands.

When I looked at the calendar today I realized that it is time to announce the CDA theme for June. Are you ready for another musical tune that won’t leave your head anytime soon? “Singing in the Rain” is the theme my partner in crime with the CDAs, Elinor Burwash has dreamed up for the next month. We hope you will join us in interpreting “Singing in the Rain” with your own creative twist…

For May CDAs stay tuned… I will be posting mine on June 1st.

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4 thoughts on “Almost the end of the month… CDA Theme for June!

  1. Katina on said:

    I was afraid that I would not explain myself correctly. I did not mean for you to do anymore than you already do. Just trying to reach out to other participants to encourage, explain the thoughts behind our work, etc. this is me quietly sneaking back into my little studio. Sorry.


    • Katina – I did not take offense. No need to quietly sneak back into the studio. 😉 I have tried to encourage discussion and feedback, but most people are reluctant to weigh in with comments. Imagine me forging ahead with regular blog posts with few readers weighing in. I often wonder if I should cut back. CDAs are much like that – we create, we share and we hope that someone might find something inspirational. First and foremost I create CDAs for my own creativity. The more opportunities we have to express ourselves creatively the more inspired we are. Hope this helps! I know life gets in the way for all of us – the CDAs are my constant… does this make sense at all? And here is s tip – don’t feel pressured to create. If one day you are bogged down with too much else, don’t push to create. It has to come from you without force. Maybe this summer go to every other day – you will still be 15 CDAs ahead compared to none.
      One other thought: if interest exists, those participating in the project can send me their images and I will spend this summer featuring everyone’s CDAs instead of regular blog posts.


  2. Katina on said:

    CDA’S have certainly been a challenge to keep up with. Hope to see more participants. I think we could have benefited from an interactive blog for encouragement. As it is those who are involved are all single individuals without the benefits of a group. Hope I have explained myself correctly.


    • Katina, I am not questioning the fact that a long term project is something that brings with it some struggles to stay motivated. Please feel free to make suggestions as to what we should do for encouragement. The Flickr site can be used to communicate – you can leave comments and messages for our group. I am not prepared to set up another blog just for the CDAs at this time. I am already spending much more time on updating this blog and my secondary, the travel blog that my actual art work is falling way behind. Teaching and travel is now starting and I am trying to stay focused myself – planning what to do for June while I am on the road for two weeks and organize the Open Studio at the end of the month… challenges, we all encounter them. Anybody else? Please with in with your insights and suggestions!


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