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Sharing May CDAs

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It’s that time again… time to share last month’s CDAs. With so much else happening in the studio and horizontal space at a  premium I opted to let my camera do some of the work this month. Sit back and enjoy the slide show of prairie vistas and gems. realistic and abstract, during our first month without snow! Your comments and “likes” are always welcome.

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14 thoughts on “Sharing May CDAs

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  2. Shirley on said:

    You inspire us Anna, Gord has taken up photography and when we are out his favourite comment is, “What would Anna do with this?”
    You see the world through a very gifted eye! so now I too am appreciating the beauty in the common.

    Love ya,


  3. judithkh on said:

    Beautiful photos Anna, especially of those endearing crocuses again. Your compositions and juxtapositions of foreground and background images capture the prairie spring environment in your area so artfully. What a neat idea to go after photographic CDAs in May!


  4. Katina on said:

    Almost made me homesick. We don’t get to see the beautiful sunsets as we are in a forest and the trees block the sunsets unless we head for Peggy’s Cove. I miss seeing tractors and trains. As always, beautiful prairie pictures.


    • Oh Katina – don’t get homesick… just think of the bitter cold winters that never seem to end on the prairies! I did witness some beautiful sunsets when we visited Nova Scotia in 2012. We were overlooking the Bay of Fundy – now there were some sunset colours that easily rival the prairie sunsets!


  5. elinorburwashdesigns on said:

    Anna, I could imagine myself in your prairie space and also as a child on the prairies, the joy of the first crocus, the song of the meadowlark. These are wonderful images, that evoke emotions of simpler peaceful times. Thanks


    • So glad the images resonate with you and so many others. I had fun selecting the images and realized that they always look so much better when presented in a group like the CDAs.


  6. Joyce McKinnon on said:

    Gorgeous photos Anna. The crocuses are truly wonderful! Many of the others call me back to my prairie youth !


  7. Cathy Willoughby on said:

    Just beautiful Anna. Love the skies.


    • Prairie skies – what can I say? I have been from coast to coast and my observation is that the prairies have the best light at sunset and sunrise. Almost makes up for the inhumane temperatures during the winter… almost… 😉


  8. donna on said:

    Beautiful pictures!! Kenora and Lake of the Woods greated us with gentle winds and warm weather.


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