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Teacher of the Year

ToY award 1It became official news a week ago during the CQA/ACC AGM at Quilt Canada 2014 in St. Catharines at Brock University: I was presented with the CQA/ACC Teacher of the Year award.

It took till today to receive a couple of images that I could post. As it happens so often during an exciting moment, the camera is nowhere near or one relies on everyone else… and then the images don’t turn out as expected. All is well: I just returned home and thanks to my friend Brenda Halstead (who was kind enough to share her images) I have a couple of visuals to post about the very emotional and touching moments from June 10th.

First things first: Thank you to all who have taken the time to compose letters of support and forward these to the nomination team. I understand that several groups across Canada initiated various nominations independently from one another and ultimately joined forces. Brenda Halstead and Jaynie Himsl represented all who supported this endeavors. I am truly touched and so very grateful to everyone for this overwhelming vote of confidence.

Jackie White, CQA/ACC vice president congratulating me. I am wearing the coveted sliver plated engraved seam ripper, reserved only for Teacher of the Year recipients.

Jackie White, CQA/ACC vice president congratulating me. I am wearing the coveted sliver plated engraved seam ripper, reserved only for Teacher of the Year recipients.

Jackie White shared some very meaningful and emotionally moving words during the introduction which caused a frantic search for tissues in my purse. Brenda and Jaynie followed with brief statements reflecting their personal reasons for initiating the nominations. It was tough for me to stay composed – I was very touched. Once I reached the podium and opened my iPad with my speech I was much better. I even managed to crack a little joke.

A happy smile - I don't like to have my picture taken usually, but Brenda couldn't resist.

A happy smile – I don’t like to have my picture taken usually, but Brenda couldn’t resist.

Thank you each and everyone! I know that letters came from coast to coast, south to north. I am so very grateful for your unwavering support. Watch for my acceptance speech in the fall edition of the Canadian Quilter Magazine.

I am home after two weeks in Ontario. My classes went well and I have some great images to share in upcoming blog posts. My luggage is unpacked and I can now move forward with preparations for the Annual Open Studio event at the end of the month where the focus is on 20 design students who braved the last cold winter to attend classes at my studio. I can’t wait to see what will be delivered. Stay tuned for more information during the next week.

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43 thoughts on “Teacher of the Year

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  2. Hello!

    Congratulations Anna on your Teacher of the Year Award. Well deserved indeed!!!!

    You have a great career ahead of you.



    • Thank you, Karen. Not sure about the career I have ahead of me… to be nominated and selected as Teacher of the Year one has to have quite a bit of experience.
      I feel very honored and humbled to have had two separate nominations with close to 40 letters from coast to coast, south to north supporting these nominations.


  3. Congratulations Anna!! You so deserve this recognition.


  4. Judithkh on said:

    Warmest congratulations Anna!! So well deserved, and a most meaningful marker event in the record of your personal and professional achievements as a fibre artist and outstanding art and design teacher of a spectrum of textile arts. Enjoy the accolades from the many students whose lives you have touched in so many special ways, including my own.


    • Thank you Judith! I am so grateful for the support I have received from students near and far. Each and every one of you had a hand in it – thank you from the bottom of my heart.


    • Anita Rhodes on said:

      Congratulations Anna! We all know you are the most deserving recipient of this award. We are proud of you and your association with our guild. You are an inspiration to all—even those of us who are “artistically challenged”. Best wishes for a continuing career of teaching more and more of us with your expertise and enthusiasm.


  5. Debbie Richards on said:

    Congratulations, Anna! It’s a shame that “Teacher of the Year” comes just once a year, because every class you teach is worthy of that honour. I’m so glad for you!


  6. Anara Thomas on said:

    To Anna: Congratulations on receiving this hard earned award. You have done so much for textile art form and teaching others to expand their thinking and how they look at the world. Thank you so much for the gift of postings on your blog and helping us all grow. From Anara Thomas, Bellingham, WA


    • Anara, thank you so much for your congratulatory note. Teaching and sharing is what it is all about – to receive recognition for that is a humbling experience. Thank you for your continued support!


  7. Congratulations Anna on such a well deserved honor. Your teaching, your work and your words are always inspirational and exciting and have helped open my eyes to my own possibilities. Bravo!


    • Thanks, Kristi! Everyone’s support has been so wonderful – I am treasuring the notes I have received and am slowly reading the letters of support that were submitted for the nomination. Thank you for weighing in with a comment. Looking forward to seeing you at Art Quilt Campus in July!


  8. Cathy Willoughby on said:

    Congratulations Anna! Your inspiring classes have pushed me to explore design and technique from many different viewpoints. I enjoyed seeing your quilts at Quilt Canada but missed seeing you. Your birthday buddy, Cathy


    • HI Cathy, So sorry I missed seeing you! Thanks for the congratulatory message.
      I was teaching for four full days (20 students in each of my classes) and never made it to any of the shows at Quit Canada. Everything was so wide spread and most of my free time was filled with additional meetings. Several friends did make contact by dropping my my classroom – they were not easy to find… My thoughts were with you as I was in your neighbourhood. Hope to see you at QBL 2015. I just got word that I will be teaching for two weeks (4 classes). Enjoy your summer!


  9. Suse on said:

    Congratulations again, Anna! Your enthusiasm & willingness to share your knowledge plus your positive support have benefited many quilters & designers, me included. Thank you!


  10. Linda Clark on said:

    Thrilled to hear about this great honor. You deserve it. Lots of quilters/fiber artists teach, but they don’t all have your gift. It is one thing to teach others how to remake your quilts, but quite another to teach others how to create their own. It is a privilege to follow your blog and soak up all you have to share.


  11. Linda Hazelden on said:

    Congratulations Anna. Well deserved award!!


  12. Wendy Klotz on said:

    Congratulations Anna – a very well deserved honour!


  13. Carol Ewles on said:

    Congratulations Anna. We always knew you had a special talent and gift. You have stretched my mind and opened many windows. Thank You for everything you have shared.


  14. Congratulations, Anna! It’s an award you truly deserve 🙂


  15. Dianne Firth on said:

    Congratulations! Well deserved, you have enriched the lives of so many with the knowledge you share.


  16. Marie McEachern on said:

    Congratulations Anna. You deserve this award so much, a real honor for your wonderful teaching. I loved all of your classes.


    • Marie – I appreciate your comment. I will always remember when we first met. I am so glad we have stayed in touch over the years. Till we reconnect in person… maybe next year at Quilt Canada in Lethbridge?


  17. Congratulations Anna! You are on a very short list of people whose classes I would love to take and I can’t think of anyone who deserves this award more! Well Done!


  18. Kathleen Bower on said:

    Congratulations, Anna! I hope to see you soon, at the open studio event.




  19. Katina on said:

    You certainly deserve this special recognition. Congrats.


    • Thanks, Katina! You have been a huge supporter over the years – from when we met in 2008 in Estevan to reconnecting in Halifax and staying in touch via the internet. This award would not be possible without all of you, my former students.


  20. Eileen Bayda on said:

    Congratulations Anna. It is very well deserved award which recognizes your wonderful abilities as a facilitator of learning.


  21. donna on said:

    Congratulations Anna! Thank you for all your knowledge. Your design class helped me do things I always wanted to do but was afraid to do. Donna


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