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Art Quilt Campus 2014 is fast approaching…

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Art Quilt Campus is almost here! We returned home from Drumheller last Wednesday night and my studio has been a bit of a mess (or so it seems)…

I have all my dye supplies, buckets, and best of all fabric out to get ready for the two weeks with fifteen participants in each group. It will be a great time of creativity and idea exchange, but like anything it takes a lot of energy and organizational time to be ready for so many independent thinkers.

I love this challenge: Art Quilt Campus was conceived thanks to these independent thinkers, quilters who are ready to leave patterns and books behind, climb out of the box, explore new ideas and experiment without the worry of failure. Every sample is a new learning opportunity, every scoop of dye a way to learn more about color theory in a relaxed environment. And best of all, I get to lend a hand, provide feedback and make suggestions.

I implemented a questionnaire this year to identify what the expectations are of each individual. There will be no one saying they didn’t learn anything after a week of immersion with creative minds! Art Quilt Campus is a safe environment for everyone – Can you tell, I am getting very excited?

Apologies for the slightly blurred images in the slideshow. I am experimenting with a new mirror-less camera, and it was quite dark in the studio last night when I took the images. The most important item was the mountain of PFD fabric I ripped up. I had to fill another order for a quilt guild, and in total I ripped and folded over 300 meters of fabric. Upon inspection what I might have left for my own use or for sale for the rest of the year I had to place another order. I have never before ordered 700 m of PFD in one year – the supplier loves me, or better: my money… šŸ˜‰

I also supported the local economy, IĀ  replaced all the lids from last year’s dye jars. When I used them in Drumheller I realized that they had not been rinsed last year and the salt and soda ash had completely corroded the lids and rendered them useless. I added to the dye jars to ensure that everyone has a successful outcome during the three days of dyeing for the last two weeks of July.

OK, enough about my messy studio – it is a creative mess and they are always good, right? Back to cutting up the last 50 meters for AQC and filling the dye jars etc. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, everyone!

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8 thoughts on “Art Quilt Campus 2014 is fast approaching…

  1. Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time playing and dyeing! Looking forward to your future posts šŸ™‚


    • Thanks, Jeannette! Can’t wait to see all the participants on Sunday. Last minute logistics are coming together nicely.. only a few more days and we load up the car for the trip to Muenster! I will be blogging often.


  2. alicebrody on said:

    Hi Anna, saw your piece at the QBL show today. Just got here. I really love it, and it seems such a departure from your other work (which I’ve also loved). Looking forward to seeing you! Cheers, Alice



    • Thanks, Alice… it’s a piece that was under construction for a couple of years while I was sorting out other things in life… I assume you refer to the piece “Modern Fractured”!

      Looking forward to next year myself! I am off next week to my own Art Quilt Campus. Excitement is building, especially with all the preparations I have been doing this weekend. šŸ™‚


  3. Katina on said:

    What is PFD fabric. I tried fabric painting with seta colour paints recently. The experiments have become the basis for my July CDA’s.


    • Katina, PFD stands for Prepared For Dyeing fabric. It is a high thread count cotton without sizing. It requires no pre-washing or special treatment. It can be immersed into the dye damp or dry and always yields great results. The fabric I use has the same thread count as in Bali batiks from the quilt stores. Hope this clarifies your question. It can be used for fabric painting, but most fabric paints can be applied to blended fabrics. When using Procion MX 100 % natural fiber content is best!


  4. Be sure to let us lurkers know when your AQC open house is. I’ll mark my calendar.


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