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July CDAs and Activity Update


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Well, as mentioned in my last post, best intentions for a detailed Art Quilt Campus report of two weeks of intense learning and creative exchanges were thwarted by my computer crash. All the wonderful images I captured during AQC were wiped clean. I had last backed up my data just before departing for AQC… and as such I only have the images I posted on the blog prior to the crash and on those on my Facebook page. Such is life – technology keeps us humble!

The hot and sunny holiday Monday was spent finding a qualified Apple IT, which we located in Regina at iWorld! Great place – highly recommend the technician and the sales staff. The iWorld team in Regina gets two thumbs up and has my support for the future. My computer is up and running. The hard drive was wiped clean (it looked like a brand-new computer), and with the help of Colin and my backup drive all data up to AQC has been restored. I spent the last two days catching up with correspondence.

Thanks also to our friends Linda and Wayne in Moose Jaw – without tapping into your high-speed connection we would still be waiting for the software updates to trickle down through our super slow satellite connection.

Back to the topic at hand: Most of the photos I had captured were with the CDA theme Orange Crush – and they were promptly lost. I took two days in the studio while the computer was ailing to create new CDAs. I have had full sets of Inktense pencils (made by Derwent) in my stash for a while – this was the perfect opportunity to explore these pencil’s properties. The verdict: I LOVE THEM! They are pigment rich, and when I applied water with a fine brush hardly any of the pigment lifted, it stayed on the paper and distributed beautifully. August’s theme is Somewhere Over the Rainbow… I will use these Inktense Pencils again, this time on fabric… the fun has begun already!

Enjoy today’s slideshow of the 31 CDAs for July 2014!

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3 thoughts on “July CDAs and Activity Update

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  2. Renard Moreau on said:

    [ Smiles ] A nice collection of designs!


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