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Leaving Ocean Views and Beach Plums Behind…

beachplums…to unpack and settle at home and in the studio for a while.

“Beach Plums”??? Have you heard that term before? If you live along the beaches of Massachusetts you know that the image above is depicting just that, Beach Plums. On the prairies we call the fruit of the Wildrose (Alberta’s provincial flower) Rosehips. This trip has proven to be very educational!

Only a week ago I left the Plymouth region for Manchester. I arrived home last night and spent the better part of my morning downloading close to 2,000 images. Here are just a few to summarize the fantastic time I enjoyed before heading to “work”.

lobster imageThanks to Glenna and Glenn for the delicious Lobster dinner with Chowder, Steamer Clams and fresh Peaches and Cream Corn. What a great welcome to the East Coast! Marlene’s dessert, a scrumptious Carrot Cake rounded up the great food that night… I choose not to talk about the calories – the food was just too good to be missed.

breakwaterGlenna and I spent part of the afternoon navigating the breakwater at Plymouth Harbor. We walked all the way to the end and back, 1.5 miles total in glorious sunshine.

rustYou know me: I love the views but I always look for the details for extra inspiration! These poles holding in cables as hand rails drew me in. Just look at the interesting rust formations on the metal that is exposed to the elements year-round.

setting sunA Sunday night Sunset Cruise took us all the way to the old light house that is inhabited by Cormorants (all lined up on the roof line about halfway into the while section). While the setting sun reflected off the water in the west…

supermoon over Plymouth Peninsula…the August Super Moon rose over Plymouth Peninsula in the east.

super moonOrange, full and unobstructed this moon was one not to be missed. What better place to witness the phenomena than while cruising the Atlantic Coast just off Plymouth, Massachusetts?

With so many great memories and impressions my photo files are bursting with inspiration. Today is a day for unpacking and regrouping. Hope you enjoyed my little walk down memory lane!

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13 thoughts on “Leaving Ocean Views and Beach Plums Behind…

  1. Welcome back to Canada. Beautiful pictures. Donna


  2. Just so wonderful to see these great photos. You take us all over with you and that is so great. I need to talk to you about the cactus in that wall hanging from the show. I wonder if she used beads. I am in the process of dyeing fabric for a project I have in mind that includes cactus. Where are you off to next?????. Leona


    • Off to Calgary for the early part of September, then home for a few days and off again to Montana and California till late October, Leona. We are driving and camping – should get lots of photo ops.
      The Cactus was painted and the thorns were stitched with metallic thread with ends about 1/2 inch long.


  3. Amazing lighthouse shot!


  4. What a wonderful experience! I would love to visit that area some day.


    • It is beautiful – but every time I mentioned I would love to come back they told me not to do so in the winter… till I told them where I live and about the crazy low temps we had last winter. 😉


  5. Beautiful photos!!


  6. Carol Ewles on said:

    Your photography is fantastic. My mouth was watering, thinking about those lobsters. Loved the image of the post holding the cables. Thanks for sharing. Carol


  7. Beautiful Anna. I can feel it with your gorgeous photography and descriptions!!


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