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August CDAs – Intense with Inktense Pencils on Fabric!

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OK, I think I am hooked… hooked on the intensity of Inktense Pencils. July’s CDAs were produced using a 185 lb. cold pressed mixed media paper that I adore. In August I prepared small “quilt sandwiches” by placing batting between a top and a bottom layer of PFD cotton. I stitched a grid creating 31 individual mini quilts and then used my sewing machine to draw the lines.

I experimented with the Inktense pencils on both, dry and damp surfaces. The month began by coloring the spaces dry, then using a small brush to apply water. Yes, the result was expected – the colors ran a bit… till I used the white Inktense as a resist. I added white close to the stitching line, applied the color and water and found that the colors did not run.

I do have to admit, my favorite way to use the Inktense on fabric was by dampening the fabric first and then applying the pencils. The color was bright and, believe it or not: It didn’t run nearly as much.

Thanks to my friend Nancy from Sault Ste. Marie: She shared in an email early last month that she has used the Inktense pencils with and without fabric medium. I was traveling a bit in August and opted not to pack the textile medium this time. I am still very impressed with the intensity of color on fabric.

The theme was Somewhere Over the Rainbow and I decided to let my imagination go a little wild!

I can’t wait to see how everyone else has embraced the challenge… are we ready for September’s theme? “Time Passages” leaves it wide open. What will you create during the following 30 days?


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5 thoughts on “August CDAs – Intense with Inktense Pencils on Fabric!

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  4. This is beautiful…you have given me an idea how to finish my project from this last winter. Thanks!! Have a good day.


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