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Early New Year’s Resolution…

Ice Flower…It has been chilly here over the past week, and today is the second day the snow is falling and actually staying, changing the landscape into a magical winter wonderland. I just captured this lovely ice flower on the studio storm door with my iPhone. How I yearn to just grab my camera and venture out to make a few early winter pics… just to get in the mood.

Instead, I am packing today – yes, packing again!, Don’t get me wrong here: I love to travel and I am very much looking forward to visiting Whitehorse over the next week to teach a couple of workshops. However, I have decided that I will go back to the resolution I made in January 2009 when I was snowed in at the Winnipeg airport on my way home from Chicago. I will not book anymore teaching engagements during the winter months. Driving to venues is one thing, but after checking in with Air Canada to confirm my flight I found out that we have to pay for even only one bag on domestic flights. Did I not recently read that Air Canada has made tremendous profits over the past year? Hmmmm, why not do away with the fuel surcharge or better yet, go back to not charging for the first bag on domestic flights? I realize that hosting guilds will pick up the flight and luggage expense but I cringe every time I see the high cost of travel.

Well, that is my little rant for today… I am nearly packed. My presentation for Wednesday night is ready. Handouts and kits for the other two classes are also ready to be placed into my carry on. I don’t usually pack these in the large suitcase… lost luggage is a reality no matter how direct flights are… and I am stopping in Vancouver to change planes. It is getting increasingly more difficult to pack a good selection of quilts and keep it under the 23 kg weight limit. A new slide presentation will take care of this issue. Well, I best get back to finishing up. Thanks for checking in and listening to my rant.

It is my plan to take photos on my trip and keep the blog up-to-date. Once again I am off to Canadian North in hope that I can capture the Aurora Borealis dancing. Cant’ wait to start my search. Check back again soon for updates. Enjoy the rest of the week and the arrival of winter if you are on the Canadian Prairies.

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8 thoughts on “Early New Year’s Resolution…

  1. Hi Anna, you are so right and I am with you on the rant!!! My screen door looks just like yours, and when I noticed it I thought “what a lovely piece of hand dyed that could be”.


  2. Hey Anna your rant was right on. It seems as tho we keep having prices go up as the profits expand for a lot of companies. Air flight is just one of these price hikes.
    The north is one of my favourite places on this planet next to Sask. Enjoy and I await the photos. Am busy producing once again and enjoying the sensations that comes from fabric and it’s possibilities. Wishing your summer campus was next week but I will wait until summer I guess. Leona


  3. Rant away….it is the only way to change things. We’ve stopped flying as it has become completely not feasible with our family. Enjoy the northern lights!


  4. Elinor Burwash Designs on said:

    Anna, what a beautiful photo. It inspires me to want to get out shimmer organza and silver paint and start December CDA’s. Also can’t wait to see the aurora borealis pics, as that is what I am working on right now.


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