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A Tribute

Margarete Walter (nee: Hans):  January 28th, 1901 - April 10th, 1977

Margarete Walter (nee: Hans): January 28th, 1901 – April 10th, 1977

Each year January 28th brings back wonderful memories. It is the day my maternal grandmother celebrated her birthday. This picture was taken on
“Omi’s” 75th birthday in 1976. It is one of my most treasured images with her. I remember this moment as if it was yesterday.

I experience joy when I remember times with my grandmother. She was the most influential person in my life, and I quietly thank her every day for instilling strong values and teaching me treasured skills. Her passion for textiles, travel, history and strong yearning for knowledge live on in me.

I was honored last June with the CQA/ACC Teacher of the Year award. It was an emotional event. I attribute many of my accomplishments to spending countless hours during my formative years with Omi, and I freely shared this with the audience. Here is a link to the CQA/ACC website where you can find the coverage including my speech.

I feel that it is important to celebrate those who have influenced and shaped our lives. Today is such a day, Omi would have turned 114. I can only imagine what she would have to say if she saw our world and how it is changing every minute of every day! She would be amazed at the possibilities and creative approaches in textile art.

Do you have a special person who has significantly influenced your life and your art practice? Share your thoughts in the comment section if you are so inclined!

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6 thoughts on “A Tribute

  1. Cathy Willoughby on said:

    My mother, Rose Mary, introduced me and my sister Pat to the joy of sewing by allowing us to play on her Singer treadle machine. When I was 6 I received a toy sewing machine that I used to make doll clothes. I remember Christmas and birthday presents of embroidery, beading, knitting and corking kits. Mom made her own clothes as well as ours. She was rarely without her knitting. I still wear sweaters she made over 50 years ago. I miss her every day but am so thankful for all she taught me.


    • Cathy, thank you for sharing your experience with your mom as your first teacher. To experience these “first forays into fiber” with your sister is even more special. My mother was a sewer as well, but my grandmother was the teacher… patient and full of affirmations.


  2. Katina on said:

    My maternal grandmother, Pauline Angel, died at the age of 75. It has been a long time and yet she was a great influence on me. I called her “ninny” my pronounciation of nanny in England and that is all my family every called her. My love of art came from her. She was an artists model at the Winnileg School of Art, Sheridan College in Ontario and the Banff School of Arts. Ninny would take me to the art gallery and museums when I was little and all of that has made me appreciate art in any form.


    • So glad you shared your “ninny’s” story and her influence on you with us, Katina. Amazing how so many of us and our generation were introduced to art by our grandmothers. I often wonder about the next generation – we are scattered across the country and globe… who will take the lead in introducing a very young child to art with a playful approach?


  3. Sorry to hear about your grandmother’s recent passing, Alison. And thanks for sharing your admiration for her. Grandmothers are so special, and they add so much to a person’s life! I think we should both feel very fortunate that we had the opportunity to embrace and love them while we could!


  4. Alison Cowitz on said:

    Thanks for your heartfelt blog today Anna. Synchronistic for me, as my 96 year old grandmother “Millie” just passed last week. She was a huge inspiration to me, as she truly “lived” until she died. Quick as a whip, feisty and friendly to all who knew her, she is someone that I aspire to be when I grow up ; ) She knit, crocheted and made many needlepoint pictures and cushions; I hope to acquire at least one from her will. I am truly celebrating her life these days and the “creations” she left behind, as I make “creations” to one day leave my mark on the world. Cheers to you Anna and your Omi. Alison


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