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It’s all about Creativity

Passage of Time_bJanuary is gone… and February has arrived with glorious sunshine and slightly lower temperatures than we find comfortable. But, the sun is shining – what more can we ask for when we choose to live above the 49th parallel? Most of us own a down jacket and warm boots and coping with winter is really a “mind over matter” thing. This is not always easy but there are a multitude of coping mechanisms that one can employ.

I find that reading and broadening my knowledge base offers one of these coping mechanisms. Last year I enrolled in an online diploma class in photography. It worked: I learned so much, and just reading and completing the home work assignments made the cruel low temperatures move into the background.

Last Friday I took delivery of a book I had pre-ordered a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t expect to receive this book till after the February publication date of February 15th, 2015 and yet, here it was. The book is by David Usher and it is called “Let the Elephants Run”. What is so great about this book? It isn’t that I am learning a whole lot of new things about creativity – what I am receiving from this book is a confirmation of my personal philosophy.

David Usher clearly states that creativity can be learned. Creating is 95 % hard work and 5 % inspiration. Eureka! I have said this all along and “Let the Elephants Run” is a great yet easy read. But hold on, it is not just a passive read, it is a workbook for those that may be interested.  Every few pages one is encouraged to pick up a pen or pencil and jot down some doodles, a few words in answer to some poignant questions.

I have only just started to actively engage with the book and am not prepared to give it an objective recommendation. As with every book that deals with creativity this is a personal selection, and as my friend said: “Not too profound yet!” (she is on pg. 80). My personal question is “Does it always have to be profound?” I love the way the book is an easy read with some light bulb moments (for me), and if nothing else… it has great quotes! It strongly reminds me of the book I reviewed on my blog a long time ago “The Art of Looking Sideways” by Alan Fletcher. Here is a link to the free eBook version which might be of interest.

My goal for February 2015 is to tackle life in a more creative manner. I am not just referring to work in the studio but everything I touch on. Follow me through the ancient passage way in my feature image today, and as we squeeze through each doorway together we will embrace new ways to adapt. I will keep you updated on the progress I make with the “Let the Elephants Run”.

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7 thoughts on “It’s all about Creativity

  1. Sounds like an interesting book indeed! I agree with you and the author of the book. Yet, I also believe that creativity is like intelligence: smart people learn quick, other people can learn the same, but it takes more time. Creative people get creative quicker than non creative people, but both can learn the process.

    Thank you for sharing the ebook! I’ll look into it soon!

    Kind regards,


    • Thanks for weighing in, Tieme. The author and I fully agree with your statement. And, when you think about it – creative people learn quicker because they already trust themselves, and subsequently new avenues in creativity are less daunting. I am savoring the book and working my way into it slowly. While not much is earth shattering (maybe because I am fully ensconced in the creative lifestyle) so much will be helpful when I work with my art students.

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      • Hi Anna, thank you for your reply. Interesting to state that “creative people” trust themselves (I assume you mean confidence in their own capabilities?). Sounds like a book worth to read. Not going to fast is sometimes important. I find that creativity is hard to force. But than I feel I should go back to the essenxe: what is creativity?

        Hmm, a good thought for my 1,5 hour ride back home from work 🙂

        Kind regards,


      • Hi again, Tieme – yes, I did indeed mean “confidence in one’s own capabilities”. But this book is so much more, now that I am slowly making my way through it (savoring it like a delicious dessert 😉 ) and partake in the short exercises. It has sparked in me a strong desire to explore new possibilities away from my usual art practice. Considering myself a creative problem solver for as long as I can remember I see this book as a tool to empower myself to move into new directions. All this takes time and preparation, yet in a way I also feel “Let the Elephants Run” is my official permission slip to break through barriers built up over the years… there is so much to do and so much to explore – there is no time like the present! Thanks for the opportunity to converse.

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      • Wow, you really sell the book! I love the idea of exercises, to make sure you put the theory to practice. I think this might be a book I am looking for. I ‘lol look it up sometime!

        And thank you too for your insightful words!

        Hope you have a great week!



  2. Helene Blanchet on said:

    What a fantastic photo! I don’t know Anna… I don’t think you’re ever short on inspiration. Your photos seem to have been a great outlet for you. They’re wonderfully inspiring in all sorts of ways.


    • Thanks, Helene! Glad you find this photo inspiring. I have been to Chaco Canyon twice and this passage of multiple doorways never ceases to draw me in. Last October I captured in fall light which brought out the contrast in color. I feel this image serves as a metaphor in so many ways…


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