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Can you Feel the Love?

Antique_Valentine_1909_01Happy Valentine’s Day! I wished my niece in Germany warm wishes and she responded yesterday: “We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day; it’s all commercial hype and was invented for capitalists…” Hmmm, I have been set straight by the next generation once again. Here is a link to the history and the day’s origin.

Truth be told, we don’t celebrate this day in our house either, but it falls on a weekend this year, and somehow I feel more inspired than usual. Could it be that Colin brought me an orchid yesterday?

The last time Valentine’s Day fell on a weekend I taught in Edmonton. I was privileged to stay with a friend who decorates her home for the occasion, actually she decorates her house for every holiday of the year! Not only was I served a delicious yoghurt and fruit parfait with red berries for breakfast, I was also facing a cheerful red and white quilt in the dining room to brighten any day. I will never forget this winter morning. IMG_4612The following year I received a fabric post card from this same friend, and I cannot put into words how I felt. I was very touched that she would add me to her Valentine’s Greetings list.

And again last year, another card arrived… Both cards are hanging in my studio year-round and every time I spot them I can’t help but smile.

IMG_4615I woke up at 3:30 this morning, and no matter how much I tried I could not go back to sleep. Ideas and deadlines kept creeping into my attempts of breathing deeply to help my attempts to meditate and hopefully catch another 40 winks. At 4 a. m. I knew I better not force it… Leaving softly snoring husband and little dogs behind in the house, I made myself a cup of David’s Chocolate Macaroon Tea (It is Valentine’s Day after all and chocolate in the early morning hours are a must…) and tiptoed out the front door to the studio.

Reflecting on my post from February 11th I want to share that “it” is working. Spending blocks of time in the studio, focusing on new ideas and endeavors have my creative juices flowing. Fresh ideas are spilling into my head and onto my sketchbook and journal pages. My week has been filled with opportunities to catch up with friends and explore creative impulses. I have not created anything of note, but all samples are leading toward larger projects, and the big picture is beginning to emerge!

Enjoy this weekend. My wish for you is that you get to spend it with love ones. Have some chocolate and express yourself creatively. I know I will!

(Images above: Antique Valentine’s from Wikipedia, fabric postcards by Elinor B. 2012 & 2014. Check out Elinor’s blog here)

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12 thoughts on “Can you Feel the Love?

  1. judithkh on said:

    A delightful Blog Post Anna. I had no idea Wikipedia had such extensive historical information about Valentines. Thank you for the link. I can see why you are so fond of Elinor’s fabric Valentines. They are lovely and inspiring special Valentine Art Cards.
    In our home two birthdays and our wedding anniversary converge around Valentine’s Day so we are agog with an abundance of heart and flowers which are a welcome counterbalance to snow and cold. Thank you for your special 2015 Valentine blog.
    May you travel safely and happily to your upcoming destinations in warmer climes. I am sure you will especially appreciate beautiful, historical Virginia.


    • Judith, how lovely to hear from you! I am so glad that the Valentine’s post was to your liking and that you found it informative with the wiki link. Thank you for the good wishes for my travel – the weather forecast is predicting snow for both destinations but I will not have much downtime because judging, lectures and workshops fill up the time I am away.


  2. Gillian on said:

    Hi Anna, you know from our chat the other day that I do not think Valentine’s is too commercialized. It is really up to the individual in the response to the hype. When I was growing up, Valentine’s was a break in the long bleak winter. It was an occasion at school to have a party and exchange valentines. My favorite story in our reader was about a little girl whose valentines were damaged by the snow coming through the open bedroom window so her mother made heart shaped cookies for her to give to her friends. Today, my daughter leaves messages and small gifts from the ‘Love Bug”. I think being a Romantic is a nice way to think of the day. Flowers are great. Way to go Colin !
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  3. Elinor Burwash Designs on said:

    Thanks Anna,I loved the antique Valentine. Unfortunately no new postcard this year. So glad that you are having fun in your studio and the tea sounds lovely.


  4. Have been up since 5:30 just relaxing with a book as I have a busy day coming with 2 soccer games with Katherine, visit with Mom and then taking A&W to spend evening with my 85 year old aunt. Seems like my family keeps me on my toes. I still manage to squeeze in some fabric as I have finally jumped over my block.
    We do not celebrate VDAY at our house either, just a card and candy for the granddaughter and our girls when they were small. N. Americans place too much on these times as it is more fun and meaningful just for cards, etc to be spontaneous. At least that is our thinking.
    Keep warm as it is deadly and will give up my walk today, the wind gets to me. So enjoyed our lunch visit.


  5. Carol stadnyk on said:

    Nice read Anna, I can relate to getting up and leaving a gently snoring husband sleeping.
    Glad “it” is working for you! I am excited this am as we are up early to catch the ferry to Victoria. We are on a long holiday and won’t be home until April . ( I have my little sewing machine and a couple of projects with ready for any down time) happy V to you too!


    • Thanks for commenting, Carol. Enjoy your extended holiday – it is a good time to escape the prairies… this winter storm has been building up force all morning. Enjoy the west coast and stay creative! All the best!


  6. Good morning, Donna – yes, the storm… it is winter after all and we have had it not too bad so far. The wind is blowing with great force and I can’t wait for the snow to fall… (just kidding!) Have a great weekend. It was great to see you Monday!


  7. Good morning, we are waiting for the big storm to hit. Thanks for the blog this morning, it is a great way to start the morning. Happy valentines day to you.


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