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The Heat is On…

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Remember that song from the 80s (Axel F, Theme song from Berverly Hills Cop) ? I used to teach aerobics then, and this was one of the songs that really lit a fire under me (the movie wasn’t on my list of favorites). It takes less than that song these day to light a fire, especially when I am looking six days ahead on my calendar and realize I will be on my way to Virgina at this time on Monday. That means I am juggling packing samples and exhibition pieces, quilts for a lecture and clothes… if there is space. I am off for two events, Mancuso’s Mid-Atlantic and the New Jersey Quilt Festivals.

When I agreed to participate my primary focus was to escape the Saskatchewan Winter… but it looks like my plan backfired a little. The east coast has been inundated with one storm after another and the long-term forecast for Hampton, Virgina and Newark, New Jersey is for snow… I guess my daily walk will be restricted to hotels and conference centers.

I am looking forward to my trip none the less. I have never been to Virginia and New Jersey. I will meet many new quilt makers, share stories and laughs, and I will connect with friends I have made during the past. I know of at least one workshop participant I have been connected with across the miles for three years. Allison Wilbur spearheads the Quilt for Change initiative. Last year I had the pleasure of personally meeting her in Manchester, NH in my Kantha class, this time she planned to register  for “Layers of Intrigue”.

My biggest appreciation for the invitation to participate in any Mancuso Quilt Show is the opportunity to judge amazing quilts. This will be the fourth time I am part of the Mancuso show judging team. The days are long, and the responsibility to provide constructive critiques to all entrants demands one’s full attention and energy. At the end of the day the feeling of accomplishment tops the exhaustion every time.

Well, all this projection and reminiscing does not help in getting my suitcase organized or any of the other tasks completed that I have on my list of things to do. Just thought I’d check in on this super cold sunny day… The free download of “The Heat is On” helps somewhat in getting over the chilly wind!

Enjoy your day – it is perfect for creative accomplishments in the studio!

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2 thoughts on “The Heat is On…

  1. It has been nasty. No school again today, roads are ice, salt doesn’t work in cold temps. Downtown Halifax plugged up. Plenty of time to stitch. Hope you don’t encounter any of the storms heading this way next week.


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