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It’s time to escape when…

squirrel upside down…squirrels are hanging upside down to get the last of the maple keys…

blowing snow…the snow blows across the highway and the temperatures drop to a bone chilling -40 C with the windchill…

fireplace with ice buildup… and ice builds up around the fire box of the fire place!

luggageI am ready for my jaunt to Virginia and New Jersey where I can expect snow and temperatures easterners are not used to! I am ready with my down jacket I bought for Whitehorse last fall. It was a bit overkill for Whitehorse in November but I anticipate that it will be the perfect attire for cold breezes off the Atlantic Coast!

I am at the airport early… (always something to look forward to when you live on the prairies).  Looking at the departure boards around me I realize it could all be worse, I could be flying to Toronto where it is -21 C this morning. It has warmed up considerably here: It was only -9 C when we left the hotel. All is well… oh yes, and before I forget: The squirrel was right side up by the time we left home yesterday.

squirrel right side upEnjoy your day! Mine will be long, arriving in Virginia around 11:15 pm tonight.

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15 thoughts on “It’s time to escape when…

  1. Great photos, and lovely described by you 🙂 I’ve read that Canada is enduring one of the coldest winters this year (that’s where you live, right?).

    Enjoy your trip and travel save!

    Kind regards,


    • Thank you, Tieme – and yes, I live in Canada. This year is not nearly as cold in Saskatchewan as it was last year though. Ontario is colder than it has been in years! I am traveling for business in the eastern US… and they are getting one snow storm after another, some people tease me for bringing it along. 😉

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  2. I am in New Jersey recovering from the unexpected death of my youngest brother, the weather here has been pretty balmy, unlike Canada. Have a great and successful trip Anna, cheers, Marilyn


    • So sorry to read about your brother’s passing. My deepest sympathy, Marilyn!
      Well, the weather in Washington yesterday was far colder than when I left home… I am in Hampton now and it is snowing.


  3. Lynne Sward on said:

    Hi Anna, I hope you had a safe flight here. I live across the water in Virginia Beach, but I’ll be crossing the tunnel to Hampton, va. where the Quilt show is. I’m not taking any classes this year. Just doing a little shopping, and of course seeing all the beautiful quilts. Wish I could meet you in person,,,,,,but you’re here to teach and lecture. I wish you success with your classes.
    By the way,,,,,,you are pretty far from the Atlantic Ocean, but you’re near other water, including the Chesapeake Bay. Weather forecast isn’t too bad, but it is abnormally cold for this area. Love reading about all that you do. Cheers,,,,,Lynne Sward PS Your down coat is the right type of thing to wear currently.


  4. Marilyn on said:

    I am in New Jersey this week recovering from the very recent and unexpected death of my younger brother. The yesterday was a balmy and sunny +7. I was without a coat. Today it is -7, still balmy by Canadian standards. Have a great trip.


  5. H Blanchet on said:

    Have a great trip Anna and Colin, with lots of delightful discoveries. Helene

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