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Another Winter Event to Stop Even the Most Motivated Quilters!

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The images in the today’s slide show were captured on my way back to the hotel, and no, I did not set the camera to monochrome – it really was an achromatic day all around!

We thought last Thursday in Hampton, VA was a poor weather day… the snow had covered trees and parking lots. This week in Somerset, NJ the snow fell even more. The weather network informed that at times snow fall was as heavy as  1/2″ per hour.

My workshop was toasty warm and we had the most amazing view of the iced over pond surrounded by Pampas Grass and bushes. Christmas carols were swirling through my head as I walked from the hotel to the conference center…

Classes finished at 4 pm and the organizers decided that the show floor would also close at that time. All evening programmes were cancelled. This had to be a first! Sunshine is in the forecast for tomorrow – this should lift everyone’s spirits and bring out those suffering from cabin fever!

I look forward to reconvening in the classroom and hopefully catching up the two students who had to miss today’s class…

My day went well until the bag I used for classroom supplies this morning slipped out of my hand and the only item left in the bag, my iPad, crashed to the ground. I was not too concerned as I figured the snow would soften the fall. When I pulled it out of my bag in the hotel room a shattered screen was revealed. Tomorrow will be another day… but I would not be honest if I didn’t admit that this dampened my spirits!

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6 thoughts on “Another Winter Event to Stop Even the Most Motivated Quilters!

  1. Serafina on said:

    Shattered IPad screen? Ouch, ouch, ouch!!! I have 3 IPads and they go with me everywhere. I feel for you Anna, but the scenery is beautiful.


    • Ouch indeed! I am hopeful it can be fixed but the dented corner might be too damaged for this iPad to have a future life… I so did not not expect this! I have never dropped my iPad(s) or my iPhone(s) – I treat my electronic devices with utmost respect.


  2. Well… it is not too cold here, just very snowy. Everyone is complaining because it is “only” 27 F… that is balmy compared what we get at home!


    • Lorraine H. Toji on said:


      Thanks so much for your update. I was so pleased to open your post earlier this week and learn that you would be in New Jersey this week and thought seriously about driving up to Somerset to see the exhibition tomorrow but considering all the trouble I ‘enjoyed’ going to and from the Philadelphia Flower Show for multiple commitments there this week, I will forego the opportunity to meet you since my sister and I discovered your work in the “Fire” exhibition in Baniff almost ten years ago! So glad you also appreciated the beautiful scenery I admired as soon as I got out of the city coming home today!!


      • Lorraine, I am so sorry we won’t meet. The weather is supposed to improve greatly and I am without commitments on Sunday. I don’t fly home till Monday…if you should change your mind, feel free to email me, maybe a meeting can be planned after all.


  3. Patsy noyes on said:

    Anna, it was +2 and sunny in Saskatoon. Loved the pictures of the gnarled trees.


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