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Outside and Inside…

001_turquoise lake and hillsBy chance I took a look outside the studio windows mid-afternoon Sunday and saw this… turquoise ice! In the past I never had my camera ready or I missed the lighting conditions, or worse I ignored it and thought “This will happen again tomorrow!”

As an avid light and weather watcher (is there such a person – well, there is now: Me!) I ran into the house, pulled on my boots, grabbed the camera and phone (just in case I fall through the ice, my optimistic husband suggested!) and made my way to the lake shore. Just humor me for a moment: I year ago on the last weekend of March we hosted the local camera club for a night shot with steel wool action in this same spot.

This year, as the image above shows, the ice has receded from the lake shore already! I was on a mission to get the best shot of the turquoise color. It reminded me of the icebergs I saw in Newfoundland in late May of 2008 – an experience not soon forgotten!

002_spring run off_a.Back to Sunday afternoon: As I navigated the road through the seasonal campground near our home this is what I saw, water seeping between the broken ice, a sure sign that spring run off is in full force.

003_ spring run off erosionAnd then I heard something, I heard running water! Only a few steps away, right through the middle of the access road a fast flowing stream was making its way to the lake shore. Yes, this is a road, but every spring the destructive force of melting snow and ice wreaks havoc and access is temporarily disrupted. But this was not going to stop me, I jumped and waded across the minor obstacle to get closer to the boat launch.

004_fishing with trucksThis was the view from the official lake access, the place the boat ramp is installed every summer… icy slush and water. But how did these vehicles make their way on to the ice? March 15th (which was the date on Sunday) marks the date that all fishing shacks have to be off the lake. Walking and driving on (if it is safe) are still permitted to those die-hard fishermen that can’t let a day go by without the thrill of pulling fresh fish from the lake.

003_a_Splash of ColorWalking over to the community beach area I passed this vibrant splash of color, boats awaiting warmer weather and ice free waters.

006_gatheringHere is the view from the beach just a few moments later. The sandy colored foreground is open water.

007_stepped on the iceThis fairly thick ice floe invited me to step on it… only to brake apart instantly to immerse my boots in ankle-deep water! I was still puzzled by how the truck made it on to the ice (maybe he set out early in the morning…?) when I heard a motor revving…

005_brave truck…and water splashing. I turned to my left toward the boat launch and saw a black truck driving through the water and slush at high speed, making his way toward his fishing buddies.

009_mind the signI guess I have no sense of adventure, or maybe I just don’t like swimming in winter? I had seen enough and tried to find a better spot to capture a better image of the turquoise ice my initial reason for venturing outside.

008_glorious turquoiseIt almost reminds me of a south sea beach, if I didn’t know it is ice on top of the turquoise layer. The sandy color could be the beach… A girl can dream, can’t she?

010_colour splashesIt won’t be long now before the ice is gone. I look forward to the open water because with it comes spring and summer!

011_golden hillsAnd sunsets like this: When the golden glow of the setting sun in the west illuminates the hills. I caught this just in time last evening – what a glorious way to foreshadow the warmer seasons ahead.

012_projectMeanwhile in the studio my sewing machine is working overtime. I painted my last piece of silk dupione on Sunday, enhanced it with some black paint and am now adding stitching as my first step.

013_project close upDon’t these colors remind you of my “beach” excursion from Sunday? I just saw the connection myself as I uploaded this image.

Hope your week is going well! I will check in again later this week…




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9 thoughts on “Outside and Inside…

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  2. Wanda Steiner on said:

    Hi Anna.
    I love these photos. When I am at the lake I will watch for those beautiful blue and
    turquoise tones at ice out (and any other time for that matter)! Yes, the one you have taken DOES look like a southern beach!


  3. Alison on said:

    Your blog today is wonderful! It is so inspiring to me your process of seeing and translating to fabric. Thanks for sharing your fearlessness!


    • The translation of the colors was purely unintentional, Alison – I think I was able to paint these colors because I was fully immersed in the experience, and with that comes a certain freedom and courage to combine colors in the hope that it moves to the next stage, the place where techniques can be applied and the humble fabric is elevated to a one of a kind art piece…


  4. Judy Kelly on said:

    Anna, thanks for pointing out the turquoise in icebergs.. It is something that I had just taken for granted. There should be record numbers this year to enjoy.


  5. Elinor Burwash Designs on said:

    Anna, your words and pictures make me feel like I was there. The piece does look like the pictures, you captured it well. My question is did you find pussy willows?


    • Hi Elinor, no pussy willows this close to the shore. We have to venture across the lake and up the hills. The locals keep them secret usually – we haven’t lived here long enough to be let in on that secret!


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