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The Age-old Debate: Art vs. Craft

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I knew it: All I have to do is brag about our great weather, the Snow Queen returns and reminds us not to be so full of confidence! This was the scene on the way to the studio today – and yes, the hills across the lake are white once more. The snow is light and fluffy and my prediction is that it won’t hang around for long.

It is the perfect weather to spend in the studio to create or, if you are so inclined, read a good book. If you are into something educational and informative check out this post.

The link to the article was forwarded by one of my students from the New Jersey Quilt Fest. Thank you, Heidi.

Happy Spring!

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8 thoughts on “The Age-old Debate: Art vs. Craft

  1. Thank you for following me and opening the door to your world. Eddie


  2. Katina on said:

    Very interesting article. One of the many galleries here defines those who use paint and brushes as artists, and those of us who use fabric, clay etc. as artisans. It is the end of winter I hear. All guild meetings and activities have been cancelled for the last two months because of all the storms. Most creative winter I have ever experienced.


  3. I could not get the link to work, will you tell me what the website is so I can try it that way.


  4. Don’t feel bad – we had 85F (29 C) last week; this week: 55F (13C)!!


    • I’d go for the 13 C – that would mean that spring is definitely on its way. More snow in the forecast all weekend… Oh well – this is not abnormal for us, it is still better than what the Canadian East Coast has endured over the past several weeks.


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