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If you should find yourself in the Sudbury Area this April…

Marilyn Clulow Poster…make sure you stop at 168 Elgin Street (in Sudbury) to take in Marilyn Clulow’s textile art.

I met Marilyn via my blog. One day she signed up as a follower and after that she would leave the occasional comment or two. In November 2012 I announced my first Art Quilt Campus for 2013 she was the first to sign up and send me her registration and full payment. All I could think was: “Such trust in a person she doesn’t even know personally…” It didn’t stop there – she came all the way to Saskatchewan… by Greyhound Bus.

After Marilyn’s unwavering support during two Art Quilt Campus Events (2013 & 2014) I consider her a friend. She is one the most positive and encouraging persons I know. She always has a generous smile to share and she is the best listener!

Imagine my delight when Marilyn sent me the poster of her exhibition a couple of days ago. I so wish I could be there celebrating her accomplishments. If you read this are able to go to the opening please tell Marilyn I sent you – and best of all, please give her a hug for me.

Here is a little more about Marilyn, artist and dear friend:

Artist statement

Marilyn Clulow is an artist working in textiles. The act of transforming scraps and skeins into objects of beauty and meaning has engaged Clulow for decades, culminating in the richly layered, stitched and painted works on display in this exhibition. Clulow is interested in the meditative aspect of art ­- for the artist and the viewer — and much of her work reflects her ability to let immersion in a new technique take her to unforeseen places. Sometimes serious, often playful, Clulow’s work ranges from self-portraiture to social commentary via a fierce sense of color and a commitment to pure inventiveness.

Artist Bio

Born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, Marilyn Clulow studied nursing in England and has made her home in Sudbury since 1968. As a stay-at-home mother, she expressed her creativity through weaving (landscape-inspired wall-hangings), knitting, and dressmaking (for two wildly appreciative daughters), while pursuing a degree in Psychology at Laurentian University. She subsequently worked for many years in healthcare management.

Clulow was introduced to quilting in the late 1990s and over the next decade mastered the art of traditional bed quilts and hangings. Feeling constrained by the limits of working to set patterns, she was drawn to the freedom of mixed media, which has become a consuming passion. Clulow is primarily self taught — untrained and unrestrained! — and works and travels constantly to learn new skills.

Clulow’s work has won awards in Montreal and Sudbury and hangs in private collections in Canada and the United States.

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14 thoughts on “If you should find yourself in the Sudbury Area this April…

  1. Alicia Jatem on said:

    Marilyn!! Looking for you, I finally found you!! Just to remember and tell you that you´re always in my heart!! Alicia, Merida, Venezuela.


    • Alicia, I have passed on your message to Marilyn. I have not heard from her in several years. I am sure will be in touch in person. Best wishes, Anna


      • Marilyn Clulow on said:

        Hi Anna, what a nice surprise to get news from you. You certainly are right, it has been several years since we have been in touch. I think it was the year I couldn’t make it to your last campus retreat, 2017 . I almost died that year , I was actually given a week to live but I fought back . I finally had back surgery at the end of October that year and slowly recovered over the year until November last year when I came down with an incredibly severe case of shingles, which just about put me over the edge . However three months of 5 hour days on the beach in Barbados soon brought me back to life and now I am doing well still quilting and having fun. Last year as well our 48 year old son was diagnosed with Stage 4 Liver and Colon cancer but he is now on his road to recovery. A lot to be grateful for.

        How about you , I am sure you are still quilting, how can you not be. You are such an amazing artist and you taught me so much. Are you still teaching as well? The last time I heard, it was mentioned that you had moved but I am not sure where.

        I am trying to place Alicia Jatem , the name sounds familiar but I can’t quite put a face to the name and I am not too sure where she is and how to contact her.Do you have any other info.?

        Look forward to hearing , greetings to your husband, I seem to remember he was having some health problems, I do hope he is fine.

        Take care, big hugs, Marilyn

        Sent from my iPad


      • Hi Marilyn, I sent you a personal email. It contains all the info on how to get in touch with your friend.
        So glad you are doing well!
        Whoever told you that we moved is mistaken. We are still in Saskatchewan. We did drive across Canada to the Maritimes during fall 2018. Looking forward to staying in touch!


  2. Hermina Joldersma on said:

    Marilyn, congratulations!!!! wish I could see it. Do give us a report. Your portraits will be thought-provoking and make people see people differently.


    • Marilyn on said:

      Thank you so much Hermina for your kind words. Ido appreciate them. The show will be hung tomorrow so I am a mixture of nervousness and excitement. Wish me luck.


  3. Dorothy on said:

    Thanks, Anna, for sending this notice to us. Congratulations to Marilyn. I wish I could be there to see your show. Anna isn’t exaggerating when she describes your creativity. Dorothy Boran

    Sent from my iPad



  4. Marilyn on said:

    Thank you Helen !


  5. Alison Cowitz on said:

    Congratulations Marilyn!! You’ve been busy! I too have had the pleasure of spending time at Art Quilt Campus with Marilyn, twice!, she is truly a kindred spirit, we had many wonderful deeper conversations about life and art. Her work is truly inspiring! The depth of her caring soul shines through in her work. Wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing!!


  6. paulajolly on said:

    Thanks for passing this on Anna, I too met Marilyn at your Art Quilt Campus! What a delight to the class she was! I hope she has continued success!


  7. Helene Blanchet on said:

    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing Anna.


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