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How does your fire burn?


Fire of creativity; Anna HergertAs winter hangs on by its “invisible finger nails” I find it hard to keep that fire of creativity burning.This year has been less severe for me, but when I have to wait most of the day for the sun to push the clouds aside in early April I experience a certain lethargy that sees me moving toward the studio in slow motion.

It’s Easter weekend, the lake community is waking up from its hibernation state and traffic increases. I am still not fully alert but maybe I am burning the candle at both ends again? I tend to do this – I often over-extend myself when I volunteer or sign on for a position on the executive of a group…

I am getting so much better at reigning myself in and refocusing on what’s important. Right now, I am realizing also that I have many new ideas and plans – this happens every spring! I am working on organizing and prioritizing my ideas and commitments. This week was filled with camera club “stuff”, executive meetings, getting the website updated and revising a membership survey along with drafting a club handbook with bylaws and executive member job description. Our club was dormant for several years and none of the “old guard” has taken on an active role in reviving the club. We have a dynamic and committed group, and are working on streamlining responsibilities while planning activities for the upcoming year. – None of this work has anything to do with my studio practice!

A few days ago I was reminded that most of us have a fire inside of us. This fire represents the passion and desire for our art practice and bright idea sparks. The heat and energy from this fire moves us forward and gives momentum to our work. It makes us feel alive, and only we know how this passion manifests itself, how it feels! Is it not a shame that we so often set aside or neglected this fire as we chase other endeavors or complete less creative work?

When we divert our attention from creative pursuits we tend to lose the joy, the fire dies down and only faintly glows and is in danger of getting drowned in the distractions and the day-to-day tasks.

Here is a word of advice: Don’t let your fire get extinguished. Nothing is worth the price. Don’t neglect feeding the fire in your soul; don’t for a moment allow the embers to loose their glow. It is not worth the sacrifice, especially when it’s the fire we draw energy from to create our art.

Fire in the SkyI might not be building a physical fire. As an observer of nature I look for the glow of embers wherever I travel, the sky, the reflection of the rising or setting sun in a body of water, the color red in my fabric stash, the rosy cheek of a baby and the soft pink paws of a kitten or puppy – they are enough fuel to re-energize my inner fire!

No, I am not turning into a philosopher, I am preparing for my lecture at the Sunshine Coast in early May. The lecture and trunkshow is titled “Fanning the Fires of Creativity”. I am also reading a lot about creative practice. While not much is new and earth shattering, I find it empowering, and what I read reaffirms my belief in focusing one’s creativity to stay motivated and energized.

Hoe do you fuel that fire of creativity? in case you are wondering – chocolate is an option…

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6 thoughts on “How does your fire burn?

  1. Leona on said:

    Yes Anna sharing time with friends and a glass is what the inner soul requires off and on to refresh the tingle to be creative. Am also looking forward to a visit at the Retreat as I have a free day on Friday and a class with Jean on Saturday. I will not be staying at the lodge overnight but just as a commuter from Saskatoon. We will definitely tip a glass or two with our good friends there. The fire is burning hot for me now and I have been researching buildings created around the Art Nouveau style and am amazed at the great number of them all over the world. Wow Horta sure started something and I am glad to have met him through our class. Leona


    • Leona, I can’t wait to see what you are working on! You fire is burning strong – so glad last year’s design class from the studio made such a difference for you. See you next weekend!


  2. Elinor Burwash Designs on said:

    Anna, the photograph of the sunset and the silhouette of the trees takes my breath away. I can immediately see a wallhanging in it. Creativity is sparked by beautiful photographs, by the garden whatever stage it is in. By a passing comment of someone I am talking to, by seeing some fabric that catches my eye.


  3. Carol Ewles on said:

    A gathering of creative friends with a glass of wine can also spark creativity Anna. I am truly enjoying the spring photographs you have posted over the past couple of weeks. Today’s picture of the lake with the reflection of the sky is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us.


    • How could I forget the glass of wine with friends? You are so correct, Carol – maybe if I stopped and sipped on a glass of wine more often I would slow down and catch up… Hope to see you at the retreat next weekend – we can share a glass then… 😉


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