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An Easter Treat… Better Than Chocolate!

Owl _reduced

For several years I have been trying to make an image of a Snowy Owl. They are very fickle creatures, and every time a car slows down, window or door opens or I try to make my way through the deep snow in the ditches to capture the image the owl flies off into the distance, and I am left standing like a forgotten scarecrow in no-mans-land…

Yesterday I was presented with another chance. This time the owl was sitting closer to the road. My longest tele-photo lens was actually attached to my mirrorless camera AND it was resting in my lap… We spotted the owl on the opposite side of the road. A quick turn around on the highway and backtracking to the fence post I actually made eye contact and had just enough time to focus on “the star”. I made one image and before I knew it the owl spread his wings and flew off into the distance blending in with the snow patches on the fields.

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18 thoughts on “An Easter Treat… Better Than Chocolate!

  1. A wonderful and memorable experience and a fabulous shot. Last year while driving from Moose jaw back to Buffalo Pound, Grant and I spotted 3 Snowy Owls on power poles. We both had our cameras along and were able to get a few good shots. It was unforgettable.


    • Oh, Jeannette – I am so envious of your experience. We see the Snowy Owls every time we drive in to Moose Jaw and a couple of times I was able to get a half-decent shot of one or the other, but I am always too far away, it seems and just when I move in for a better image the owl decides to drop off to the back of the pole and fly away. I don’t really consider myself a wild life photographer but I am always on the lookout for great photo opportunities…


  2. Alison Cowitz on said:

    That’s the money shot!! The one! What a treat that must have been, thank you for sharing!!


  3. Maria on said:

    Fabulous Anna!


  4. Marilyn /Serafina on said:

    Congratulations Anna, I would be excited too. It would have been lovely to see it in flight, next time.


    • I have a number of images of flying owls, but the are moving so fast that they are difficult to focus on. And they always fly away from me… I plan to get a bettered for wildlife photography, but it will be a while till I can afford it


  5. Nelly Kamphuis on said:

    Like your Quilts, it’s a prize-winning shot! Persistence pays off!


  6. Linda Hazelden on said:

    That is a real treat to see your picture! My husband is impressed too.
    BTW, I am in your classes at QBL, first session. Will be wonderful to see you again.
    Linda Hazelden


  7. Carol Ewles on said:

    He’s Beautiful Anna.What a great shot. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Patsy noyes on said:

    Were you able to get a shot of the owl in flight? Great shot of the owl.


  9. Elinor Burwash Designs on said:

    Oh Anna, she is looking right at you and with a Mona Lisa expression is saying “Anna, I am doing this just for you”. Thank you for sharing your gift. It is a gift to me too as owls and I have a lifetime connection.


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