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Springtime Blizzard, Anyone?

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I decided to share with you my original take on a Springtime Blizzard today. Suffice it say, my impression is much more pleasant than reality.

We woke up to about 2″ of blowing snow today. I can try and stay philosophical about it all and just say “It’s April – what else should we expect?” After all, Ontario had snow over Easter weekend while we enjoyed sunshine and chilly winds.

This is THE weather to stay indoors and “fondle fabric and threads”. I am wielding a paint brush right now attempting to add color to quilted areas on one of my “Twisting Nature” / “Twisting the Landscape” design samples. The piece has been patiently waiting on my worktable since last October. I am progressing well and hope to put the finishing touches on within a couple of days.

I am also packing for a quilt guild retreat. I am a member of the Saskatoon Quilters’ Guild and my schedule rarely allows for such frivolities. However, I am meeting up with several friends to create, catch up and just relax for the weekend.

My studio still looks less than organized but every day I make progress. It is just so difficult to pack for workshops, and create with focus at the same time. As long as I can find “most” everything I will not panic too much.

If you live on the Canadian Prairie, head on to the studio, pull out your favorite project and ignore the blowing snow outside. You might even want to dream of this:

Crab Apple Blossoms...

Crab Apple Blossoms…

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3 thoughts on “Springtime Blizzard, Anyone?

  1. Marilyn on said:

    Easter weekend we had no snow here in Sudbury, bright sunny skies all weekend, we were really lucky. The previous week we had a blizzard so I did a bunch of snow dyeing, something about lemons and lemonade. Today we had +7. Guess I am being a tad smug, sorry.


  2. Johanna on said:

    Easter we had snow, Tuesday we had snow and we in the Maritimes have accepted that there will be no spring. If we really behave ourselves we may get summer. But this allows for lots of quilting and creating time.


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