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…welcoming spring, that is!

I escaped last weekend to a spring time retreat with the Saskatoon Quilter’s Guild and spent a relaxing time sewing, visiting and finishing some items on my “to do list.”

Once home I became acutely aware that my days in the studio are numbered. I have been organizing hand outs and packing samples for my upcoming trip to the Sunshine Coast. Getting ready for such trips and workshops doesn’t change, but when I look out my window I realize that spring is finally here.

I have tried to walk more regularly and on Tuesday, as I was making my way along the lake I heard a strange noise resembling plastic tarps getting folded up. Upon further investigation I became mesmerized by this:

The ice has moved toward the shore and was pushing up onto the beach only to unfold into a thousand glittering icy straws. Candle Ice! I had seen it in pictures and I had read about it in books – this time I witnessed it with my own eyes. Nature still is the best inspiration and remains the most versatile artists I know!

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12 thoughts on “Busy…

  1. jofisette on said:

    WOW. That is incredibly beautiful. It is amazing how fast it moves.

    Look forward to seeing you two soon.


  2. Johanna on said:

    And that is how ice will move mountains by crushing rock under the moving glacier.


    • Yes, Johanna… I forgot to mention this little science lesson – I was so taken with the constant movement of the ice, especially when it suddenly came toward me… my other video is totally out of focus because I had to run from my post as to not loose my footing!
      How is the snow doing in Nova Scotia? Has spring arrived?


  3. Donna Tremblay on said:

    Hi Anna..we are going to Squamish next Tues and are going to Gibsons and further up the coast, I can’t believe I’m going to miss you by a day.
    Great pictures, I have been on Lake of the Woods and experienced the same thing with the ice. See you in October at the quilt show? Have a great summer!


  4. Joyce on said:

    Thanks Anna. This is spectacular! I have similar images from along the shore of Lake Superior here , but have never seen it in action. Mine are taken after the fact . I also have wonderful images taken at the beginning of January this year . That ‘shoot’ ended when I lost my footing and both my camera and I ended up in the water . Man , it was cold! It was also the end of my camera ………..but I did get wonderful photos and did not break any bones so it was a good day anyway !

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    • I can only imagine imagery of ice of Superior Lake. I am envious. Sorry to hear about the loss of your camera – good thing the images were not lost and I am sure you have already replaced the lost tool with a new one. 😉


  5. Helene Blanchet on said:

    Cool! I’ve never seen anything like it!


  6. Kathleen on said:

    Oh Anna! It sounded like glass wind chimes. I could have watched and listened for a much longer time. I have not ever seen nor heard candle ice. Wow! Thank you!


    • I know, Kathleen. I had witnessed something similar a few years ago, took a video and uploaded it to my website at the time only to crash my website at that time. I had to wait well over 5 years to be at the right place at the right time again. I was so excited to be out that day! Apparently Candle Ice is mostly an Arctic phenomena – Colin witnessed it during his two summers working in the Arctic.


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