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Bursting into Song…

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…Feel free to do so now if you know a tune that best describes spring and how you feel about this season. The robins have no inhibitions, and I just love the sound this time of the year!

The robins are back and crocuses are blooming on the prairie. They are less abundant than last year but, none the less, these harbingers of spring are welcome sights and sounds!

I decided to share these images with you toady instead of boring pictures of the progress I am making with packing for judging and teaching. A suitcase is a suitcase, right? The good news: I am nearly done packing and feeling awesome about it. Can’t wait to return the Sunshine Coast – my first trip there for sharing and a lecture was this time in 2008. That was also when I bought my first DSLR enroute… great memories and I can’t wait to capture that soft light of a coastal sunset again soon!

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4 thoughts on “Bursting into Song…

  1. I will email you privately, Jody!


  2. lovely spring shots.. 😀


  3. Anna, I am hoping you may have time for a coffee while you are on the Sunshine coast. 🙂
    I am not abe to take any classes just now, but I would love to meet for a coffee if you have a chance in your busy schedule 🙂


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