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While waiting for the ferry

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As promised, here are some more photos. We came upon these scenes while waiting for the ferry at Horseshoe Bay, BC. The Canada geese were proudly sitting at the beach, each one occupying a rock and I usually don’t pay much attention to these birds that show up along my travel everywhere. It wasn’t till I zoomed in a little and I realized that the yellow fluff was moving.

What a great opportunity to follow the goslings around. I could have spent hours! I also came across the canal spilling water onto the beach not visible to visitors unless one ventured onto the beach. I love rusted things, the soft green moss covering the massive rocks and the long exposure made the water more cloud-like.

Just a few minutes walking in the sunshine and exploring an area I had not seen for several years had me all inspired and ready to go back to the studio to pull fabrics or paint.

While traveling I had a wonderful call on Friday, May 1st. The Saskatchewan Craft Council’s Biennial Dimensions juried competitions selected my piece “Spring Time Ritual – The Return of the Heron” for this year’s line-up. I was excited and honored to be selected, especially since I didn’t decide until close to the deadline to enter. I wanted something completely new and exciting….. I will not post images till the show is officially open. Just a little hint, I posted images of the work in progress previously here.

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10 thoughts on “While waiting for the ferry

  1. judithkh on said:

    Congratulations on your piece being selected for Dimensions Anna! I am very much looking forward to viewing your entry and will alert RWSG members to it. The gosling photos are delightful. Their fluffy presence against the rich textural background elements are ever so fibre art-inspiring, not to mention you recent stunning photos of western skies on your way home from the Sunshine Coast, and ice candles along your shore. What an excellent way of helping us all to pay closer attention to what is around us as inspiration for our own fibre art and photography. Thank you so much once again.


    • Thanks for your message, Judith. Glad you are enjoying the images. I have so many more to share – just never enough time to process them all at the same time. Need to get more focused…


  2. Suse on said:

    Congratulations, Anna, on your piece being selected for Dimensions. We’ll definitely check it out!


  3. quiltrod on said:

    Congrats Anna, I will definitely make a trip to Regina to see the show!!


  4. Linda on said:

    Hi Anna, Awesome photographs! I love the one with the ducklings!
    I have been looking through some books about fabric dying – some of the recipes do not use Urea. hat difference does urea make? Thanks!


    • Thanks for the feedback about the images, Linda.
      As to your question about why other recipes don’t always use urea in dyeing with Procion dyes, we talked about in dye class. It is said that urea will brighten the colors… I am not sure if that is really true, but it does prolong the life of the dye liquor once it is mixed. I have been able to use dye after 72 hours without loss of dye strength. This is particularly important when the weather is very hot. I always add urea, it just works!
      The other point to consider is that there are hundreds of recipe variations, some use Calgon to soften the water. Once a person has dyed a lot of fabric one recipe will stand out and that will be the go-to recipe. Hope that helps.


  5. paulajolly on said:

    Awesome Anna! I’m looking forward to seeing the show!


    • Paula, there will be lots of fiber in Dimensions this year! The show opens in Regina at the McKenzie on June 19th. I will miss the opening this year – already have another commitment on the calendar. The show usually runs well into August, so I am sure there will be an opportunity to visit at a later date.


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