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Revitalizing My Blog

Maybe There's a World_detailThere is nothing like limited time, a long weekend and a storm sweeping across the prairie to get me “finding” work I have had “hiding” in the back of my to-do file.

Yesterday started out with preparing for the next trip when suddenly a burst of energy struck. I started to compile the research for my new “Blend It” workshop where I marry cotton and silk and apply a modern twist. The handout is coming together but I was side tracked for rest of the afternoon.

It has been my plan for a couple of years to migrate the content from my website to my blog. The blog is my primary vehicle for communication and when Apple stopped hosting websites I lost the independence I so cherished for years. Uploads now required tech savvy knowledge (Colin provides that on a regular basis!) and I just could not wrap my head around the Yummy FTP commands to update the individual files easily. When I switched computers last winter we realized that the Yummy FTP account was not transferable and I was told I have to take out another subscription for main desktop. Long story short, it became very clear that moving my website content to the blog should happen sooner than later.

But there is always the issue of procrastination. I can assure you I am not immune to it. There is always something better to do, like taking my camera out, fondling fabric, sketching some new ideas for work, or bake a special treat… you name it, I have experienced it.

Yesterday was not much different, but in the end I felt great! The intent was to start out slowly and move the workshop descriptions and images over time. Once I started I realized how simple it was to just grab the sample images, copy the descriptions and supply lists and transfer it all to the blog.

I separated the workshops into sub-pages. They are easy to navigate and the information for each workshop is provided in a downloadable PDF at the bottom of each description. This will aid individuals and groups that hire me to advertise the workshop(s) they selected. I also decided to include my contract for ease of communication. This is a first, and I wonder if it will bring positive responses. We shall see!

If you have not looked at the workshop pages you have two options. Scroll up to the top of the post, search for WORKSHOPS in the upper right hand corner and hover your mouse over it. The individual workshop sub-pages will drop down and you can click on the page you are interested in. Or you can click on this link which will take you straight to the main Workshop page.

Let me know what you think. Check out the new workshops I have designed while you are there. I also expanded the resource page, I added most links from the “old” blog to expand the resources and networking. My galleries are next, hopefully I have some time over the summer to devote uninterrupted time to that monumental task. I will then be able to add new work which has been absent from the website for a while, my apologies! I look forward to your feedback. Enjoy the long weekend – the weather has to be better where you live…

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2 thoughts on “Revitalizing My Blog

  1. Katina on said:

    Batten down the hatches, hope the nasty weather passes by. But May long in Saskatchewan almost always means snow. It is cool and cloudy here in Nova Scotia. Yesterday was perfect for being out in the yard and tomorrow promises to be nice. I wasn’t sure what you meant by changing things over to the blog. But I took s chance, touched the headline and voila. Then I found all the links and info. I am doing a happy dance. I will re read all the CLASSES you gave us on colour, design etc. It is like having a private professor of art. Thanks Anna.


    • No snow here, Katina. I think Calgary got some yesterday. It is just very windy and grey and much cooler than last week. We are escaping this Tuesday. We are busy packing the camper and heading west! – Thanks for checking the new website link! Here to hoping everyone else will find it helpful. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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