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Relief, Gratitude and a little Overwhelmed…

Fractured Modern, detail

Fractured Modern, detail

…that pretty much summarizes where I am today.

We arrived home last night and proceeded to unpack the camper and car. My new sewing machine is sitting in a huge box on the studio floor, but I am waiting to make the “introductions” properly till I have caught my breath.

I was only on the road for four weeks, but it was an action packed and emotional four weeks. Teaching always feeds my soul, and I relish the moments where students connect with the subject matter and forge ahead with confidence. Judging is much the same. My time in the judging “chamber” is an opportunity to educate and share insights and observations while formulating constructive feedback.

And then there was my last week teaching the Quilt Judge Certification Programme in Lethbridge, AB just prior to the official start of Quilt Canada. After six years of committing countless hours and unlimited energy to developing this programme it was time to pass over the responsibilities to the new instructors. Today the last documents and our final report were submitted to the CQA/ACC board. I felt relief last week – this week I look around my studio and feel that life begins anew. I have countless hours that belong to me again… but neglecting my studio space for the last couple of years means I have to do a major reorganization of the space and my supplies.

It will take some time, I am now getting ready to clear the space for the upcoming Annual Open Studio on June 26th and 27th. But, I could not resist opening a box of glorious fabrics sent to me by my friend Elaine Quehl. I had admired her newest fabric line, we both share a deep love for the color red. Imagine my surprise when I cut open the tape and this gorgeous collection of fabrics spilled into my lap!

Elaine's FabricsA new machine, glorious fabrics and more time – what can be better? My mind is full of new ideas and goals to explore new quilting genres… Stay tuned as I return to the studio to design, create and share!

Thank you to all who have supported me over the past several years while I split my time between the many teaching commitments and the studio (less and less in the studio). Your patience shall be rewarded as I make time to fondle fabrics, paint silks and give that new machine one workout after another to meet my personal challenges.

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10 thoughts on “Relief, Gratitude and a little Overwhelmed…

  1. Dianne Firth on said:

    Thank you Anna for all you have done for other’s. Now enjoy some time for yourself. Have a great time with your open studio.


    • No need to thank me – I am not closing the door on teaching yet… For me it is all about the sharing and passing on knowledge. I am just consciously carving out some creative “me time” for balance and to re-energize my creative output! Great to see you last weekend, Dianne!


  2. Helene Blanchet on said:

    Welcome home, Anna! I’m so very happy for you. I can feel your delight!


  3. Carol stadnyk on said:

    Looking forward to seeing what you will do with those gorgeous fabrics from Elaine!


  4. paulajolly on said:

    I’m sooooo looking forward to your open Studio! And a wee bit nervous(I’m bringing some new work). See you soon


  5. Leona on said:

    Welcome home. It will be super nice to have the time to really get at it. Hope to see you for the open house. Leona


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