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Open Studio Event Already a Distant Memory…

10_OS 11_OS 09_OS 08_OS 07_OS 06_OS 05_OS 04_OS 03_OS 02_OS 01_OSOnly a week ago I was busy setting up the studio. The Open Studio Event has come and gone and it is considered a huge success. The Art Guild members what participated were busy on Friday and Saturday and welcomed a great number of visitors.

Food was shared and enjoyed and we tried hard to stay cool with the relentless heat.

Thank you to all who supported this year’s Open Studio event, the artists with their work and demonstrations, Colin who tirelessly helped hang the art, move tables, keep refreshments flowing and especially the many visitors who came out for a look and found just “the thing” they were looking for!

I hope you enjoy the reflective images today. The studio is now back to a workspace where the suitcases are getting filled with quilts for my upcoming trunk show in Drumheller. We leave tomorrow morning…

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6 thoughts on “Open Studio Event Already a Distant Memory…

  1. Thank you for another wonderful studio tour with delicious baking đŸ™‚


  2. Helene Blanchet on said:

    Looks like you had a wonderful event. Congratulations!

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  3. Serafina/Marilyn on said:

    Congratulations ANNA, sounds as if everyone had a lovely weekend. And now you are off again. Have a great trunk show and take care of yourself, you must be tired.


    • I would be dishonest if I wouldn’t admit that I am tired. But my commitments were made some time ago and I don’t back out at the last minute. I am quite good at getting that adrenalin flowing when I need it. Judging, teaching and the trunk show will keep me focused. I have Sunday to look forward to – that is when we drive home.


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