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New Studio Assistant?


IMG_5159When I exited the studio yesterday around noon, and it was already near 30 C I noticed some movement in the tree on my way to the house.

IMG_5161Look at who was casually draped over a branch trying to make eye contact…

IMG_5163Good thing I had my iPhone with me – I approached and captured my new little friend from only about 50 cm away. He hangs out just outside my studio. I have to be extra careful that I close the screen every time I exit or enter.

Enjoy summer – stay cool!

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8 thoughts on “New Studio Assistant?

  1. Carol Ewles on said:

    He is so cute Anna. Fantastic Pictures. I do hope he isn’t brave enough to try & get in because that would be a night mare. Ask me how I know!


    • I can only imagine – I am very careful not to leave the doors open too wide! So far he stays away. I think the squirrel was only so tame because of the heat, it made everyone move slower!


  2. Kathy A. Logan on said:

    So cute!  Aren’t you lucky to have a new friend!!??



  3. Janet Wilhelm on said:

    Make certain he does not get in. I don’t know about squirrels but the chipmunks have been known to chew holes in the screen and get in. Trying to get it out can be a challenge even with 3 cats.


    • Thanks, Janet – I am am aware how much damage squirrels can make! He is snot very trusting most of the time, I think he let me get this close because he felt he was out of reach…


  4. I love him! Thank you for this – it made me smile!


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