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Summer Heat…

WeatherIt’s the middle of July and the “heat” of the summer is all around. I am not just talking about the weather here…

Sorry for the long silence, we are dealing with a few unexpected situations at home. Today is the day I am pulling out my suitcase and gather the samples for the workshops at Quilting by the Lake. I am leaving at the ungodly hour of 1:45 am on Saturday – it was the cheapest flight the organizers could find. The positive part is that I have already sent my kits and most of the supplies ahead. They will be waiting for me when I arrive.

Meanwhile I am looking ahead even further: I get home on July 25th and fly out again for World Quilt in New England in early August. September and Art Quilt Campus will be here sooner than we realize. Registration is a little lower than last year but we still have decent size classes. If you or a friend is interested in attending, there are three spots open during week 2 (September 20th – 26th). If you have never been to Art Quilt Campus check out the link here. It might lead you to consider attending this year or add your name to the list for 2016.

Photography has fallen a little short lately. Sunday night I drove home from Moose Jaw heading into this huge weather system. I made it home before the the clouds opened up. It looked much worse than it turned out to be – it finally brought relief from the relentless heat… and helped me out a lot: I didn’t have to drag the watering can all over the yard to keep the plants alive. Can you see the tiny little tail on the cloud? It is not a funnel – the funnel clouds came out yesterday closer to town… This is life on the prairies – tornadoes are part of summer.

Speaking of tornadoes: I better get started with the work on hand! I will be raising dust clouds while I organize my samples and clothing. No time like the present! Have a great day everyone.


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7 thoughts on “Summer Heat…

  1. Helene on said:

    Wow- what a great shot, Anna! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Leona on said:

    Thanks for the great photo. Yes Sask. skies can often seem like tornados on the brink.
    We did have one in Saskatoon a few years back and we watched it form from our deck on the golf course and then it made a path three blocks west of our location in Silverwood. The doggie was pacing and whimpering just before if happened, so much for dumb animals.
    Have been thinking of you both so just keep smiling.


  3. Thanks for the tip, Gillian!


  4. Gillian on said:

    Hi Anna, yesterday when I was listening to CBC I heard that you can keep squirrels away from your garden, (so I would assume it works for an art studio) if you set up an artificial owl and put a fake snake in an obvious place. Maybe worth a try? Photo is fabulous!


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