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Taking a Breather…

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…before I load the carry on and “large purse” into the car. My flight for Quilting by the Lake leaves at the ungodly hour of 1:45 am.

Before I “hit the road” again I decided to take a walk around the yard with my iPhone. When I watered the plants this morning prior to the sun getting to its hottest point I realized how the planters have filled in over the past four weeks.

This is the best time of the year here, and I rarely have the chance to just sit back and take in the scenery. I know, I know – I am the one making the decision to head out and teach.

The good news: I plan to travel a whole lot less in the future. Step one was taken when I signed the contract Monday to write a comprehensive Kantha book which will be an expanded print version of the electronic book I have available now. I have no more information at this time, but will keep you posted as the book unfolds. One definite plan I have is to include a gallery section with work produced by former and current Kantha workshop participants. Drop me a line <> if you have produced work based and/or inspired by the workshop.

I am also considering one and/or two day workshops from the studio on a more regular basis. A number of local artists and groups have approached me with suggestions. I am letting these ideas ruminate as I spend way too much time waiting for connections in airports.

That’s it for today. The next time I check in I will be in Syracuse. Looking forward to connecting with old friends and making new ones! Safe travel to everyone – whether you are off to Quilting by the Lake or joining family and friends on summer holidays.

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13 thoughts on “Taking a Breather…

  1. Looking forward to your book Anna!


  2. Helene on said:

    Congratulations Anna. I’m very happy for you!


  3. Elinor Burwash Designs on said:

    Hope your flight went well, also hope that you enjoy the week.


  4. Theresa Duncan on said:

    Congratulations on the book! Can’t wait t buy my copy!!


  5. Alice Brody on said:

    Have a great flight and can’t wait to see you at Camp. I’ll be arriving Sunday around noon. I think.


  6. Marilyn/Serafina on said:

    I am amazed that you are even able to have a garden at all. With all the travel you do . It is so much work although enjoyable. My problem is not the travelling but the energy required to keep it up. So I am only planting Hostas and Day lilies. They take up lots of room so less work. Good luck on your Kantha book Anna. It will be great especially with the slow stitching movement that is growing. Enjoy your classes at QBL. Wish I could be there.


    • Marilyn, I agree that gardening takes time and energy and way too much water… We keep it simple with a few antlers around the property! Makes the place more inviting – and adds that splash of colour!


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