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Difficulty With Making a Decision?

03_Jeannette L.I can understand why! We have a fabulous line up of entries for this contest.

Here is what I would consider if I had a chance to vote:

  • Originality: Is the entry 100 % original or has the entrant used a commercial fabric and enhanced it?
  • Photography is original: The entrant had to have been to the places captured!
  • Has the entrant created the background fabric, such as in the image above: the artists rusted her own fabric and then “discovered” the owl imagery to lead her in her stitches and embellishments.
  • Has the entrant started with a blank sheet of paper and found the courage to place lines and patterns?
  • Has the entrant not only added background stitches but also appliqued shapes?

These are the factors that would guide me in casting my vote(s). I will be revealing the artists names once the voting closes on September 7th at midnight.

Remember: You have one vote a day! Have a great long weekend everyone! It is the last of the summer and rain is in the forecast here…

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11 thoughts on “Difficulty With Making a Decision?

  1. # 17 for my last vote


  2. #13


  3. Carol Ewles on said:

    still voting for #15


  4. Serafina on said:

    I vote for 22


  5. I vote for 13


  6. Love all the running stitches in #21.


  7. Karen Annis on said:



  8. Carol Ewles on said:

    I still vote for # 15


  9. Marilyn on said:

    I vote for 22


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