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Only Two More Sleeps…

Fabric cut, threads sorted, painting and dye supplies almost labeled... the mountain of Art Quilt Campus supplies is growing!

Fabric cut, threads sorted, painting and dye supplies almost labeled… the mountain of Art Quilt Campus supplies is growing!

…and a little frantic packing, and it will be time for Week 1 of Art Quilt Campus at Muenster, SK.

After 14 months we gather again! Week 1 has 14 eager participants arriving from across Western Canada. At the request of last year’s campers for the first time we are getting together from Sunday evening through Saturday morning. I can’t wait to see familiar faces and get to know new Art Quilt Campers. Not to mention: I can’t wait the see the results of this creative gathering!

My supplies are nearly all packed… the car will be loaded on Sunday morning, and I will be heading to the Abbey to get the classroom set up and dorm rooms assigned!

Stay tuned – regular posts for next week are on the agenda!

Interested in 2016? I have tentatively booked the Abbey from August 7th – 20th, 2016 for two more weeks of Art Quilt Campus creativity! Email me if you are interested…

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5 thoughts on “Only Two More Sleeps…

  1. Sorry about the misunderstanding on my part re happenings for the week. Whatever you have determined is to happen so things run smoothly for you is ok with me. I have a bad habit of not paying close attention to details and written emails. See you tomorrow and hope the weather cools down somewhat. Leona


  2. Hey Anna am getting ready for the adventure. Have lots of supplies to share for dying with whom ever needs some. Will arrive around 4:00 Sun to unload. Hope I can have a single room as my snoring causes sleeplessness with bedroom partners. Will need some PFD fabric as I realized I do not have any???????? See you soon. Just be cool and no stress as we will all be willing to assist you. Am bring WINE too. Leona


    • To all my loyal Art Quilt Campus participants, please realize that reserving a private room and extra supplies should take place much earlier than the day before we meet up. A single room is something that can be arranged when registration is in full swing (an extra fee applies). A letter went out to all participants to let me know by August 25th if extra fabric was needed. Well, I have ordered the fabric and I have (as always) some extra yardage available for sale. Organizing two separate groups over two weeks is what I do and love, but some foresight is necessary even by the participants. Please realize that this was written with a smile. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


  3. It sounds wonderful. Enjoy all the creativity and have fun.


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