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Art Quilt Campus off to a Great Start!

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Before I switch off the lights it is time to share some of the Day 1 impressions of Art Quilt Campus 2015 – Week 1. I know, I know… Images never do the activities or art work justice but those who could not be here this year might be curios. Others who have contemplated whether Art Quilt Campus might be something to consider for the future are waiting with anticipation to see what has transpired today.

In any case: Everyone was up early ( I smelled coffee around 6 am) chipper and full anticipation. The dye room was a happening place with 10 participants mixing, scrunching, painting, manipulating, felting, starting indigo dye vats and so much more… The classroom had sewing machines whirring, rotary cutter blades heating up, irons steaming and nearly two hours of show and tell after dinner.

Is it any wonder that the lights are off, no chatter is heard from any of the dorm rooms – it is blissfully quiet. One thing is certain: Everyone is dreaming of color, great inspiration and new ideas. I better follow suit and switch off the lights myself so I am ready for Day 2! Enjoy the slide show – I think you get an idea of how much fun was had today.

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2 thoughts on “Art Quilt Campus off to a Great Start!

  1. So nice to see everyone’s work, Anna. Thanks for thinking of us.


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