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SQG inviteI can’t believe it has been 13 days since my last post. Where did this time go? for one thing, we finally have the federal election behind us… and maybe life will return to a more reasonable pace?

My days were filled with a lot of non-election related volunteer time. Most of this volunteer time was invested into the Moose Jaw Camera Club. Fall is always a busy time for any organization, even more so for a fledgling organization like this camera club. I manage the website and am involved somewhat with programming. As the rep for the inter-provincial organization P. R. P. A. deadlines for photography competitions are fast approaching. Just yesterday I spent five hours with the programme coordinator selecting images for the Everest Club Competition. I am always grateful when my skills from other areas transfer. My judging background certainly helped a lot. Between Rob, the other volunteer, and me we were able to consider the technical skill of each photographer. I love it when I learn something new along the way!

The other part of the past two weeks involved packing… a lot of packing! I prepared supplies for the “Cause and Effect” workshop as I realized that many of the supplies would not always be at a participant’s fingertips (not without some shopping or other preparatory time and resources). I am happy to look upon my two suitcases full of supplies and samples for the two workshops in Calgary that will take place during the last week of October. We leave Monday.

Before Monday we venture to Saskatoon. Scroll back up to today’s image. I am so excited for my friend Gillian who is this year’s featured quilter at the big Quilt Show. Should you find yourself in Saskatoon or nearby Friday and/or Saturday please don’t hesitate to take some time out for this stellar event. I can’t wait to give Gillian a hand early Thursday morning to make sure she has every quilt and lovingly created item positioned to her satisfaction. I hope she will let me take pictures!

Later that day I will be shadowing two judges that were engaged to judge the competition part of the show. Both judges entered their apprenticeship phase earlier this spring after successfully completing Part 1 of the programme the Canadian Quilter’s Association offered in Lethbridge. I look forward to reconnecting with both to observe their progress.

That’s it for today – off to the opening for our brand-new photographic exhibition (we hung it last Wednesday night) our club is presenting from now till the end of January 2016. The theme is Mono-Chrome and let me share with you: There are some awesome images on display in Moose Jaw right now. If you are in town, drop by Carol’s Catering and Cafe to take a peek.


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