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Catching up…

I'm-Teaching Just when I thought I was breathing easier I casually checked my calendar last night to discover with horror that I had been very neglectful in updating it. I had not touched it since the end of July… and that is not like me at all. Thanks for not loosing patience with me!

I am happy to say, I am now fully up-to-date and looking toward 2016. Did I just say that? Well, life moves on without ever taking a break and so do we. in about 6 weeks we welcome a new year, not to mention Christmas will be upon us before we know it. I feel slightly breathless just thinking about it. I had such a long list of “things to do” but I can already see that I need to stay realistic and cross off a few items just to stay within a realistic realm.

For those waiting to hear about Art Quilt Campus 2016 – I have gathered and organized the details. Distribution of the information will commence shortly. Emails will be dispatched to those who attended this year’s event and indicated interest in participating in 2016. Once I have received a reply from everyone and spaces are still available I will open registration on this blog.

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend. Our weather is supposed to be unseasonable warm – something I will not complain about! And before I forget: Check out the updated Calendar when you have a few minutes.

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