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Fire and Ice – Today’s Discoveries…

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Ten days since I posted last flew by in no time at all. Last week I had two days in the studio that did not require making kits or reviewing handouts… did I accomplish anything? Not much. Let it suffice to say that I continue to struggle with my sewing machine, and after 4 hours trying to problem solve by myself, and another hour spent on the phone with the dealer in Calgary without solving the issues of constant thread breakage I switched the machine off to gain some perspective. The good thing about spending time in the studio is that I am claiming back my space and ideas and sketches are beginning to emerge.

I also started reading “Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon awhile ago and I have to admit, I am enjoying revisiting some of the philosophies I subscribe to. The author is a great proponent of research, indepth exploration of a theme, an artist, a style or a specific movement. The book reminds me so much of the design classes I teach, both introductory and advanced. I will review the book here within the next few weeks. First I intend to read it a second time.

Today I took some of the book’s content to heart. Creating continuously, exploring techniques and just going back to basics was my motivation.

When we traveled home from town during the early afternoon we found ourselves and the car enveloped in thick smoke. A farmer was burning the flax straw. While I was not impressed about the pollution and subsequently the poor air quality I decided to capture the apocalyptic landscape with my camera. I could not endure it for long, the smoke resulted in a headache. A change of scenery was in order and we decided to visit the lake shore instead.

Buffalo Lake froze last Friday. The slushy water was still sluggishly lapping at the shore on Friday morning, by late afternoon the lake had completely frozen over. Today was the first time I had a chance to check on how thick the ice was.

I had a pleasant surprise waiting for me: I carefully walked onto the ice at the local beach and was rewarded with nature’s art. The images in today’s slide show are just a small preview of what was in store. Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Fire and Ice – Today’s Discoveries…

  1. Hi Anna

    I had the same problem when I went back to some machine embroidery. I decided to go back to making some samples and trouble shooting. The better I remembered what to do the better the machine functioned. It was me not the machine. We do get rusty. All the best.


    • Thanks for your thoughts, Ingrid – however, I don’t consider myself rusty. I have been working on several projects and the other machines work just fine. It is definitely the machine – It is brand-new and in August while working on my first larger project the tension spring broke. It was finally fixed on October and the technician didn’t bother checking the tension overall before releasing it back to me. A lengthy long distance phone call and some step-by-step guidance opened up screens and settings not described in the manual… some secrets the technicians only give up when there are 9 hours of driving time separating the operator from the service department. 😉


  2. Shirley on said:

    Who would of thought you would have that much and sculptures to boot. Very nice pictures. Have you retrieved your machine from Calgary yet?


  3. Beautiful. It takes an artist to see and capture this beauty. Thanks.


  4. from lemons comes lemonade….. beautiful pictures of the ices


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