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6 thoughts on “Book Review: Steal Like An Artist

  1. I had read a copy of this a few years back and put it on my wish list. I may just have to purchase it now. And your review of Kobo is spot on. Ticks me off every time. I don’t know why they do that, it is so frustrating. I have pretty much stopped purchasing ebooks as a result of their lack of openness regarding what ‘genre’ their discount applies to.


    • Hi Jodi, Too bad KOBO is such a non-transparent app, don’t you agree? I also use iBooks and Kindle on my iPad. I have to say, I like the KIndle app more and more. I signed up with BookBub and have been offered countless excellent book titles for free… I highly recommend them.


  2. Judith Gidluck on said:

    Try the library for these two titles as well. In Saskatoon I think they are available as digital downloads as well as in book form. I agree they are both good books to read.


  3. Gillian on said:

    Hi Anna,
    I own a copy of Steal Like an Artist. It even travelled with me to California on my recent trip. I first read it while I was in your introductory design class when Dorothy B. shared it with the Saskatoon group. Page 83, The Life of a Project, made me laugh because it is so true! There are lots of quotes that really resonate with me,too!


    • What a coincidence, Gillian. We were both reading the book at the same time. I must agree with you – there are so many quotes and analogies to make us think and find ways to implement suggestions into out own art practice. Every time I pick up this book and begin reading I find some valuable wisdom and affirmations that we are all on the right path.


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