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It is no secret: I love to read! A week ago or so I ordered a textbook to help me understand a photo processing application better and through the magic of internet marketing, a book suggestion popped up: A book about creativity – one of my favorite topics.

It arrived in record time, must have something to do with this time of year. 😉 Yesterday I had an opportunity to open the book and I was immediately captivated by the author’s ability to say so much in a concise manner. A book is a worthwhile read when the introduction pulls me in and makes it hard and next to impossible to put it down… I was surprised that this book was not photography centric, especially since it was recommended during a photography related search.

I have often mused about creativity and talent on this blog. But this book can put it all into perspective, it is already doing this for me after only 10 pages. My last six months have been physically, spiritually and emotionally draining for a variety of reasons (I will not go into on this blog), and I felt that the spark that ignites my creativity had been nearly extinguished. Yet, I had a yearning to return to my creative endeavors I was just not sure how to climb that mountain of self-doubt.

I was painting the house a couple of weeks ago, I do consider that a good time to meditate as I lay down several applications of neutral (note: I didn’t call it “boring”) paint colors. I also spent some time in the kitchen cooking and baking, another activity that many readers may not consider creative, but for me it is a way to “warm up” to creativity. I  also accepted several assignments covering art events around town for the local paper – another way to get back into the groove.

However, reading Chris Orwig’s words in “The Creative Fight” is the best remedy for a creative slump. He says …The creative spark is … a complex and unpredictable force. And the pursuit of creativity is a much more interesting and adventurous ride. … Creativity requires guts, confidence, and hard work… creativity isn’t a gift but a life force that courses through our veins. Creativity fuels a drive to live the life for which we were designed.” By the way, the book is not written for artists alone, it is a great read for anyone involved in problem solving and striving for a more fulfilling life.

I feel inspired and challenged and I am only into chapter 2… We have a quiet Christmas planned, but I know already that I will be spending much of my time reading.

I will close this post today with more inspiring and well crafted words by Chris Orwig “Creativity is essential to life. It’s like the oxygen that gives us life and the sunshine that provides growth. Creativity is like an electric current to illuminates our path. It is a fire that reinvigorates our resolve to do what matters most. Creativity is hope when all seems lost. It sustains us so that we can thrive. When creative juices flow, we become more productive and alive. We move forward and accomplish impossible tasks.”

Feel free to weigh in with a comment if you can spare a minute of your time. I know we are all focused on the holidays, but don’t forget to think about what comes after the turkey has been carved, the desserts have been devoured and family and friends leave for home…

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4 thoughts on “Musings About “Creativity”

  1. Kathleen Bower on said:

    The line sin the ice are wonderful! Merry Christmas Anna! and a creative new year, too!


  2. Katina Chapman on said:

    Thank you for all you share. There is always something in your posts that make me want to create. The past several weeks have been frustrating. Cataract surgery in November is requiring more patience then I have. I am without glasses for at least another three weeks and no driving. I am back working with fabric but not hand work. Merry Christmas Anna. I look forward to more inspiration.


    • Katina, I am so glad you find inspiration in my blog posts. I am sorry to hear that you are still recovering from your cataract surgery – embrace this time to fill the well and anticipate a burst of creativity once you have your new glasses. Thinking of you and sending healing thoughts!


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