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left of centreTwo years ago in Drumheller I met an aspiring textile artist, Connie Kadey.

At the time Connie shared with me that she had recently enrolled in the BA(Hons) Textiles program with Open University in the UK. Connie is one of the kindest women I have met over my years of judging and teaching (and there are many of you whom I have placed into that same category!).

She was one of the front line promoters for Quilting in the Badlands. When my friend Shirley came to meet me after I finished judging the show in Drumheller last July she made a point of commending Connie for her friendly and approachable demeanor. Shirley and I agreed: “Connie was the face of Quilting in the Badlands. Friendly, humble, accommodating and very approachable, always open to suggestions!”

In December Connie contacted me to conduct an interview as part of her course work. We had the most animated Skype conversation about art, art practice and transitions, challenges and changes an artist constantly experiences. In fact it was so rewarding that we decided to connect again in early February.

Just after Christmas Connie sent me a link to her blog. As part of her course she is required to keep this blog as a journal and way to submit papers for feedback from her tutor. Connie wanted to ensure that she had not misquoted me in her report covering the interview. (She did not!)

I was so taken with Connie’s blog! I asked if she would mind if I share the link with my blog followers. Today is the day I want to do so. Once more, here is the link to Connie’s blog. Grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the fabulous information, research and insights Connie Kadey has to share. Enjoy!

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