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Innermost - Landscapes of the Soul_

“Craft is embedded in the whole of life – it is the act of constantly creating.”

I found this quote a couple of days ago while (you guessed it) reorganizing the studio. I felt strongly that I should share it. It says it all. I will include this in my “Choosing Creativity” presentation from now on. I talk about daily creative acts and how they continue to inspire… The quote was scribbled on a piece of paper, no credit given. If you know the word smith, please let me know so I can add a credit.

Enjoy your weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Craft…

  1. Marilyn/Serafina on said:

    One of my first spiritual teachers told me many years ago that you do not have to be an artist to be creative, that we are all creating all the time, just being here living on earth is creative, we never cease to create. Just think about that. Putting flowers in a vase is creating beauty in that place ,preparing a meal, hugging someone, we are always creating love and beauty around us, creating art is just a small part of being creative.
    Thank you Anna for the quote, it brought me up short and got me thinking in a positive way again as I continue to sort and purge. And your piece is stunning.


  2. donna tremblay on said:

    Thanks I needed that. I’m having a hard time getting back to anything.!! Donna


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