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Come Walk With Me

snow pattern close up

What happens when you stare at white fabric too much? First you feel as if you are going snow blind, then you look up, discover the sun and decide you need a break. I am working on some new Kantha inspired pieces that are comprised of white fabrics… A walk in the sun was just what I needed on Thursday afternoon.

shadow walking

I contemplated whether to bring the camera but decided against it as it was just going to be a short excursion. Once I was on the lake I regretted the decision to leave my Nikon behind. However, I remembered the saying:  The best camera is the one that is with you in the moment. Soon I was capturing images of my surroundings.

skating rink

Our winter has been mild for the most part (except when we ventured to Saskatoon for the weekend two weeks ago where we experienced  -43 C with the wind chill). Here at home the ice fisher have been busy and the neighbors created a small skating rink for the kids complete with hot chocolate shack.

snow pattern

With my eyes so used to texture on white fabric I couldn’t help but notice the natural patterns on the snow. Wind, sun, snow and a little rain create the most magnificent textures, don’t you agree?

icy layers 2

And then when you look closer you see more evidence of snow and ice melting and freezing…

icy division

…to create layer…

icy layers

…upon layer…

frozen bubble

…some with bubbles frozen in time. They burst when thawing…

ice crater

…each square inch unique in its own right.

icy secrets

A block of ice created and carved into along the beach of a neighbor offered more opportunities to capture ice with the light reflecting back to me.

winter carnage

Just before I decided to turn around I discovered this accumulation of clams. They must have washed up during the big storm just prior to the lake freezing over sin a flash in mid November. Nature’s composition…

shoreline at sunset

And then it was time to head home. the sun was already low on the horizon illuminating these dry grasses that were swaying in the wind creating their unique music.

Thanks for tagging along on this mid winter walk. February is almost here. I wonder what it may bring… the lake has melted so much that there is very little snow left today. The natural compositions above have disappeared and it is time to head out to see what I can find next. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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10 thoughts on “Come Walk With Me

  1. Wonderful photos Anna. Love the close ups. All kinds of ideas in those! 🙂


  2. Eileen on said:

    Thanks for sharing, Anna. The pictures are great. I love that effect when the ice thaws & refreezes.


  3. Marilyn/Serafina on said:

    Stunning pics Anna, being the tropical flower that I am you will never find me taking a walk anytime or anywhere in the winter.You have done it all for me. I am an armchair


    • Oh Marilyn – we consider this type of weather in the west “beach weather”! 😉 Walking out here in the country it is easy to avoid the ice. I was on the snow only – but today that would not be possible as all the snow is pretty much melted. Have a great rest of the weekend.


  4. Carol Ewles on said:

    Oh Anna – How beautiful. I was walking along with you & it was wonderful, especially since I just got home from shopping in crowded stores in the city. Great Images – should provide lots of inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks for commenting, Karen. I hope you are enjoying as much sunshine in Sudbury as we are at Buffalo Pound Lake, SK this winter. If this continues we will have spring in no time at all. The negative thing is that the weather calls me outside and I am way behind in working in the studio and house. I need to find a place where I can buy more time… you read about that in children’s book – the reality of adulthood that one cannot buy time not matter how much money we offer. 😉 Have a great weekend!


  6. Alice Brody on said:

    Anna, Thanks so much for taking me on the perfect winters’ walk, one clearly not possible on the streets of Manhattan. The images are spectacular, who needs a Nikon!


    • Thanks, Alice! Well, the images of the ice are very blue… not quite realistic but a side effect of the iPhone sensor. I guess it provides the illusion of cold… glad you enjoyed the walk! Have a great weekend.


  7. Karen Annis on said:

    Anna, your pictures are fabulous. They mean so much more for me, since I visited your home last September. What good memories. Thanks again Karen


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