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Welcome to February!

cupAnd the challenge is on… I woke up this morning with a clear sense of anticipation. No, it wasn’t related to the snowflakes dancing past my window ( I know I was bragging a little too much about how sunny and warm our winter has been in January…). The reason for the excitement: On January 28th I signed up for the “28 To Make Challenge” with CreativeLive. Here is the original post if you want to read up on it. It isn’t too late to join.

I checked my email for the first challenge. CreativeLive operates on Pacific time so I had to wait a full three hours before I could check into the first challenge.

The time was well spent. I am currently reviewing parts of my Kantha book. I am always more motivated when I don’t have the sun begging me to come out. I set up several samples and reviewed the intro. Soon it was time to check my inbox and the first challenge was waiting for me!

It was announced that it would be a drawing challenge. I stopped the short video and gathered some supplies. Then I remembered that I’d better add some restrictions to my supply list as I will be traveling later in the month.

IMG_6750I reduced it all to a tiny sketchbook (3″ x 4″), a pencil, my fountain pen and my miniature coloring pencils, a Christmas gift from many years ago. I was set. The instructions are very clear – we were to restrict ourselves to no more than 20 minutes. I was focused and clearly finished the drawing of my beverage well within the allocated time frame. I was amazed how much time 20 minutes turned out to be. There was even enough time to color my sketch and  start a cover page for the challenge sketch book. It is true that we utilize the time better if it is restricted or certain boundaries are provided.

Here is my less than professional sketch for today (Note: I won’t be boring everyone with my daily creative challenges. I plan to compile them and share the challenge results at the end of the month or in early March):

IMG_6753Did I have fun? Absolutely! Am I ready to go back to my work? Definitely!

What’s your creative break today?

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to February!

  1. Katina Chapman on said:

    It took awhile for the email to fly across the country. Mine just arrived. Almost the end of the day and a guild meeting to attend. I think my challenge will be one day late, good thing there are 29 days this month.


  2. Hi Elinor – I quite certain that not all creative challenges involve drawing. I believe there was simple sculpting and other activities mentioned. Click on the image in the email and you will view a short video that will get creative juices flowing. Have fun!


  3. Elinor Burwash Designs on said:

    Hi Anna. I just saw my e-mail and have quickly drawn my tea mug. I didn’t see the attached video and so didn’t realize that all of the challenges will be drawing. It will be fun to see what comes. E


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