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Rust Never Sleeps

rust never sleeps

…Neither does a mind full of ideas! At least that is how it feels right now. After engaging in the 28 to Make Challenge it appears that one thing I am keenly aware of is the fact any creative activity will spark new ideas and possibilities.

I feel I have found my groove again… I am working on samples for the Kantha book. All the basic drawings provided in the eBook and the workshop handouts will soon be finished in stitch and ready for photography.

What have I learned from this? No sketch or drawing can ever convey the actual work involved. I have made notes for the accompanying text in the book sharing that it is vital to actually create at least one small sample to grasp the complexity of filling in a simple circle or leaf shape with running stitches. My samples are not perfect but the decision to leave them as they are is to encourage the stitcher to try the technique and not worry about perfection!

We hear it so often in our workshops: “Oh, just show me how you do it. I will remember!” or “I have the book about it.  I get it when I read about it. I don’t need to get my hands dirty or wet.” My answer to that is, and always has been: “You must get your hands wet, mix those dyes, agitate the layers of wool repeatedly to determine what a piece of well constructed felt really looks and feels like. Tthread a needle and pull it through the layers of fabric and batting to achieve the desired texture!”

I am probably “preaching” to the converted here… It has become obvious as I compose text and samples for the Kantha book that it is shaping up more of a “how to” book than I had initially intended. It is good to go back to the basics. I first began researching Kantha in 1998 (I can’t believe it has been 18 years!). In 2004 I began to teach it, in 2009 I self-published a little primer that was VERY basic… It pushed me to move on in 2011 to immerse myself into more complex fill-patterns all based on the running stitch. 2016 is the year I return to all the material explored and created to add more details and insights.

I am going to be honest here. At first I thought “Why am I rehashing this information? I have done this for so long. I am quite bored with it…” What a difference a couple of weeks in the studio make! My energy has received a jolt (and it wasn’t the coffee!) and I am happily stitching away while listening to some great audio books. Bliss!

Back to work – or better – Back to FUN! Thanks for stopping by today!


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4 thoughts on “Rust Never Sleeps

  1. Margaret on said:

    Anna, never assume that you are preaching to the converted. I believe there will always be others who are new to the craft(s), discovering people like you who are articulate and communicate their passion so that I am inspired to move forward, face down my trepidation, and experience my own denied creativity. Thank you!


    • Margaret, thank you for reminding me not to assume. I meant the comment to be a bit tongue in cheek – but it is always good to be reminded that new readers come across the blog on a daily basis. I hope you will return often. Feel free to weigh in with comments and questions anytime.


  2. Eileen on said:

    Rust may never sleep, but neither does Anna! It is so good to see that you’ve got your groove back.


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