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Staying Creative

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#28 to Make with CreativeLive is going strong… then the Sunday video message arrived this morning and, just imagine, we are told to take a day off! OK, we are not really told that but it is the general message. At one point the friendly host tells us that we can reflect on what we did last week and maybe work on one of the projects that really fired us up. I had fun and stuck to the routine of spending 20 minutes with a small creative activity. The theme was centered around drawing from Monday through Friday, then an observation exercise coupled with words for Saturday. I love both of these activities – I use words in my drawings and planning sessions all the time.

But, going back wasn’t of interest today. Instead I downloaded the images I made yesterday during a chilly outing with my friend Susan as we explored Moose Jaw, SK. It was a dreary and cold day accompanied by an Alberta Clipper from the west with strong wind gusts and some rain. That made it difficult to hold the camera steady or take advantage of the best light. I focused instead on line and shape and converted some otherwise less interesting images into black and white. Today’s slideshow features the images I liked the best and felt were worthy of sharing.

The sun is shining today, but it is quite chilly outside. I will pull together some more fabric and work on additional Kantha samples for the rest of the day. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Enjoy the moment where ever you are and whatever you might be doing! It is Chinese New Year’s Eve – celebrate and start the new year with creativity!


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2 thoughts on “Staying Creative

  1. Thanks, Susan – I don’t think my images are that great. Once we got out there yesterday I realized that colour won’t be one feature I could focus on. So I made the decision to look for line and shape. I didn’t take the textural images you did – but I bet they look great. Can’t wait to see them! – I love that about the photography, we can venture out together and yet get completely different end results. Keep shooting – the more you use that new camera the more fabulous images you will produce.


  2. Great pictures, Anna. You have a great eye! I’m always amazed at how two people can be in the same place and see things differently. I’m disappointed in most of mine. I think I like my texture photos the best.


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