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Sequins, lace and cake – visiting with like minded friends…

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It was Valentine’s Day yesterday, and I decided it was time to take some time off and hang out with friends. I quick text to one of my friends in Saskatoon Tuesday night might have been a little confusing (right, Gillian?) but we got it sorted out quickly. After an official invite on Wednesday everyone was on board.

I hadn’t baked in a couple of weeks so the kitchen became creative space # 1 for a while on Saturday night. This time the sponge cakes were cut into heart shapes and filled with cherries and cream. The cranberry brownies were for the chocolate lovers in the group. Apple and Marzipan muffins were freshly baked as a welcome with freshly brewed coffee after the long drive. (And yes, we had some soup and freshly baked bread for lunch)

It was great to see everyone. I loved receiving feedback on the colours I chose for the house. Everyone discovered the art that had hung on the walls in the entry for all the years we have lived here, but changing things up suddenly made the images more noticeable. I even received a compliment on the great choice of window coverings for the living room. They had been on the windows ever since we moved in… It proved to me that changing up the colours to a more neutral palette was an excellent choice. The studio was also approved. The floor makes a huge difference and lightens up the space.

However, the best part of Sunday afternoon was hanging out with good friends, share our passion for textiles and taking in a little show-and-tell. I was so excited to see Gillian’s workshop samples. She is teaching at the upcoming Saskatoon Quilter’s Retreat in April and I am disappointed that I cannot make it this year. Leona brought a suitcase filled with couture books, lace, a sequin dress, vintage designer sweaters and dresses. Debbie didn’t bring her latest commission. I will try and make a trip to Saskatoon to see it in early March. It was a feast for the eyes and senses. We couldn’t get enough of touching the embellishments, admiring images in the books and trying to figure out how some of these creations had been executed.

Time just flew by and after a leisurely coffee and cake break with husbands it was really too early to say good bye. I can’t imagine a better way of spending a Valentine’s Day. I look forward to the next get-together.

I am back in the studio today working on the white on white Kantha pieces. Work is slow but the textures I am able to achieve definitely makes this body of work very challenging and rewarding. Enjoy the holiday Monday, wherever you are!


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4 thoughts on “Sequins, lace and cake – visiting with like minded friends…

  1. Nancy Sachro on said:

    What a lovely way to spend the afternoon.!
    I also had my collection of vintage lace and linens out for a look.The wonderful handwork was a treat for the eyes.
    The heart desserts looked delightful.


  2. Yes it was a good and did end too soooooon. Thanks for the great food, visit and intro to the new studio see up. The peak at your next project was so interesting. You are a treasure along with Colin and we want to keep you close in the future. Leona


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