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A Thought About Evergreen Content

This morning's lake vista at 0 C - Spring might be on its way...

This morning’s lake vista at 0 C – Spring might be on its way…

Whenever I read about working smart and blogging smart the words Evergreen Content comes up. What exactly is this Evergreen Content? It is one or several blog posts that receive constant clicks and are visited most often. I can access this information on my statistics page.

One section of my blog that receives consistent and repeated visits throughout the year is a section that I posted in late 2012. I devoted a good amount of time to preparing individual posts focused on design.

I decided this week that it is a good time to relaunch these posts in an effort to provide free instruction and a starting point for those interested in learning more.

Here is my series from 2012, each link below will grant direct access to the original posts. Feel free to download or book mark for your personal use.

Decyphering Design – Part I

Decyphering Design – Part II: Line

Decyphering Design – Part III: Shape

Decyphering Design – Part IV: Color a

Decyphering Design – Part V: Color b

Decyphering Design – Part VI: Texture

Design Decyphered: Principles of Design I – Harmony, Balance and Contrast

Design Decyphered: Principles of Design II – Proportion, Rhythm and Movement

 Analyzing Color – A Simple Exercise

Enjoy your day!

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2 thoughts on “A Thought About Evergreen Content

  1. Anna – I have just spent the morning reading through this series of past blog posts on design. What a fantastic refresher! My afternoon errands will be done extra quickly today as I am eager to get to work on the two color exercises you shared as well. Thank you for your on-going willingness to encourage and inspire.


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