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A Day Well Spent

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A couple of days before I am to fly out to judge and teach at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest I could be found at the Moose Jaw Art Guild workshop with fellow guild member and local artist Crystal Thorburn.

I was not going to miss this long awaited opportunity and it was worth every minute. Eleven guild members had the privilege to learn from this accomplished and respected artist. The diverse results from every participant are a great testament to Crystal’s teaching ability. Gentle encouragement and guidance coupled with her strong knowledge made for a Saturday well spent.

Early on a quote by Saskatchewan artist George Glenn was shared by Crystal: “The first mark comes from the soul, the second mark comes from the ego and the third mark comes from fear.” It set the tone and prevented us from overthinking each mark we put on paper.

We explored activities from blind contour drawing to a final mixed media piece on heavy board. The primary media we used was water soluble graphite pencil and ink. I just love how water alters and softens the lines and introduces shadow and light. These materials were new to me and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the qualities of the media.

Pages from a dictionary and poetry book became the foundation and inspiration during the early afternoon. And “drawing away from the table”helped us find new locations to see the world and new subjects to draw.

The diverse outcome of the final mixed media pieces by all eleven participants was impressive. I selected a shell from the prop table and after translating the shape and details in color and ink I was very pleased with the outcome.

What I took away from this drawing workshop was that one can create with few supplies and in a small space. We shared freely and it became clear that only a few minutes a day will hone our skills continually. Everyone progressed well and gained confidence. At the end of the day we realized how much easier the sketching and drawing process became.

Thank you, Crystal Thorburn for sharing freely and guiding gently. I can’t wait to see what you teach us next!


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11 thoughts on “A Day Well Spent

  1. Shirley on said:

    right up my alley, Anna, would love to be challenged like that maybe once a week or more….. Enjoy down east.


  2. Just read the missive from Dorothy and I agree that we need to engage her for a class. Leona


  3. Leona Larsen on said:

    Looked at Crystal’s work and decided she is another super Sask. Artist. Liked what you did in the class too. Leona

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  4. Elinor Burwash Designs on said:

    Looks like you had a relaxing and productive day Anna. I will look forward to learning what “drawing away from the table” means.


    • We started our day sitting at a table and as inmost cases, that table soon becomes a very comfortable place and students seldom venture away from their work space. Crystal encouraged us to move away from the table and find a different spot. One student found a place on the stairs, others found a spot by the window or in front of the coat rack. “Drawing away from the table” simply means to move away from one’s comfort zone and get used to working anywhere.


  5. I am so envious of your day spent with Crystal. I bought one of her books at your open house. I would have driven to take a class with her. I enjoyed her website. Thanks. Dorothy Boran

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  6. Nelly Kamphuis on said:

    Very impressive Anna!


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