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Long, busy days

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Time for a very quick check in. I find that that the days are even shorter when I am actively involved in a quilt show. Yesterday was spent judging, selecting winners and just when we thought we could call it a day, we had to button down the hatches, in other words stay in the windowless exhibition hall, due to a tornado warning. I come from tornado country… yet I never had my phone go off with such a shrill sound amplifying by the general warning through the intercom. About 90 minutes later we were allowed to leave the building.

I attempted to get images of the winning quilt’s at this year’s competition but I know that these have long been posted. I just finished teaching my design class and before I repack my suitcase for tomorrow I decided to share my judges’ choice.

The quilt “Winter Fields” by Cynthia L. Vogt from Kennewick, WA was selected for Best Choice of Color in the Innovative Category. I also selected it for my judges’ choice award. The quilt was constructed from silk in a limited color palette. The challenging material coupled with the technical skill and soft color scheme drew me in time and time again. I felt compelled to honor such a well constructed piece. The division of space, the undulating contrasting lines within these spaces and the skilled workmanship coupled with masterful finishing had to be rewarded. Congratulations to Cynthia L. Vogt! Well done.


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