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I have the shoes…


…to teach my next MOLA workshop!

For years I admired the various styles of shoes made from MOLAS. I finally took the plunge and invested in a pair of clogs at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. I didn’t do much shopping otherwise as my suitcase and carry on are almost at their capacity holding my class samples, quilts and the few clothes I brought. But there is always a place for that special item, in this case the well constructed MOLA clogs.

I am all packed, waiting for my taxi to the airport and anxious to get home! I had a great time at Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest. My workshops were beehives of learning and I met many new friends. I will more details when I return home and have had time to reflect.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

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20 thoughts on “I have the shoes…

  1. Cool! Love them.


  2. Luv them!!! Definitely need some :-))


  3. Hermina Joldersma on said:

    These are great! are they actually fabric, or are they painted?


    • Minnie – they are actual fabric. An authentic Mola was reworked for this pair of shoes. They are made in Colombia. The selection was impressive. I wanted a pair of boots but they were out of budget range and I didn’t like the heavy soles as I know I would not wear them outdoors. So, the clogs are a logical choice for me.


  4. Nancy Sachro on said:

    oh so lovely.They will certainly brighten your mornings.
    You may have to hide them when your friends come to visit.


  5. You are right, Eileen! I was just thinking that I would suggest Anna bring home another pair for me on her next trip! But maybe hers will fit…..


  6. Those shoes were definitely made for having a wonderful time. Don’t show them to Gillian….they may lose their way. Lol.


  7. Wow they re so super and vibrant. Good for you to make a gift to you. Leona


  8. I LOVE them! I want some too!


  9. wow! I can’t wait to see them in person!


  10. quiltrod on said:

    Those are so beautiful Anna!!


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