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Freezing and Thawing and a Drifting Leaf…

Shot with DxO ONEThese seem to be a fitting analogy for breathing in and breathing out… while aimlessly grasping for meaningful moments.

I am home, but every time I return after a teaching and judging trip it seems it takes me longer to focus. I only had an hour time difference to content with during my last trip, yet my sleep pattern has been disrupted. Could it be that I was up for 22 hours only a few days ago – the older I get the harder it is to get the inner clock regulated. I always rolled my eyes when I heard family members talking about that… here I am, I have arrived and joined the club. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have reestablished a walking routine, at last. I was o unmotivated during December and January. I am now out every morning attempting to make a head start on the 10,000 steps goal set for myself.

I am still trying to catch up on emails that arrived just prior to my trip or during the time I was away. My commitment to blog regularly this year is important to me. I have been pretty good at posting every other day with some meaningful content, something the reader may relate to or find it engaging enough to comment on. For now I plan to keep up the pace (it may mean I have to rise earlier in the morning) but one never knows how upcoming trips will interfere with this schedule.

We are slowly looking toward the spring. We have decided to drive to Ontario where I have three confirmed teaching engagements in June. We will take advantage of the time and visit with friends along the way. Once I finish my teaching for the Kingston Heirloom Quilters we will turn the wheels east and visit moreย  friends in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. We haven’t seen them in four years – it is time! It will be a true holiday, something we don’t schedule very often.

Once I get home preparations for Art Quilt Campus will be my focus. Once again it promises to be a fabulous time with fantastic people. In case you haven’t visited the Art Quilt Campus page in a while and are still contemplating participation, there are only 4 spots open in week 2… email me if you have questions <>. Here is the link to previous year’s posts and the registration materials.

Wishing you all a fabulous day. I will try to make the best of mine. Its grey and windy outside – perfect studio weather!


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5 thoughts on “Freezing and Thawing and a Drifting Leaf…

  1. It seems like it still cold at your place. Lovely picture! This week temperatures will rise up to 12 degrees Celsius in Holland.

    Getting back into a regular sleeping pattern is challenging every now and then. Might not be your age, but maybe just being tired ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Keep up the great work!

    Warm regards,


    • Hi Tieme, actually this has been a very warm winter compared to any of the others I have experienced in Saskatchewan. It was 12 C over the weekend and the ice on the lake we overlook began to melt. We have had virtually no snow so the farmers will be complaining this spring.
      Catching up an sleep and finding more time in the studio. Always great to hear from you. Thanks for the comments, Anna

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      • Thanks for the replies Anna. The past summers and winters have been not as they were. Both were wet, and soft temperatures.

        Sleep well ๐Ÿ˜‰



  2. Marilyn/Serafina on said:

    My goodness Anna you must be getting a tad travel weary. I remember working in Northern Ont. My territory stretched from the Manitoba border to the Quebec border. I was gone at least a week every month, counselling, educating, leading workshops, setting up groups. somedays I didn’t know which town I was in. I loved the job but after five years, I quit on the spur of the moment right after a planning meeting. I couldn’t face one more month of the travelling, the packing up of workshop materials. It left me with a total dislike of air travel and all it entails, I hate hotels and still hate eating out. It was a very rewarding job but I never missed it once I left. So I know how you feel when you get back from a trip , disoriented and discombobulated but soon ready to get back to your love, teaching.


    • Marilyn, you are one of the few people who understands the tremendous upheaval constant travel can cause. I am slowly getting back into my home routine – but it is taking longer and longer to get back a feeling of peace and contentment. I know my teaching days are numbered… this is my year of shifting focus.


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