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Shot with DxO ONE

It has become an obsession in a way. Every morning I set out on my walk. It is about 25 minutes to the main beach in the adjacent lake side community. This is what it looked like when I first arrived about an hour ago. Shot with DxO ONE

Just steps away the water was freely flowing, even rippling with the gentle wave action, barely noticeable to the casual observer.Shot with DxO ONE

I am always drawn in by the shore edge and how the melting process advances. Last year we had amazing candle ice when the final melt took place. I don’t expect the same natural phenomena to occur this year. The melt has been gradual and constant, and the way the ice is receding it will will probably one of the years where the wind comes up suddenly and the  ice just disappears below the surface. So anti-climactic!Shot with DxO ONE

Before I turned away to head home I caught something of interest and patience was required to capture this on camera. The ice has formed layers with air pockets between.These air pockets have burst on the surface. When they are filled with water they look ordinary and blend into the icy landscape.Shot with DxO ONE

When the water recedes these little ice craters (for the lack of a better descriptive word) are left behind. They are only visible for a second and fill up with water quickly. It takes a while for the water to recede again… so my patience was tested in capturing these two pictures.

Time to head back into the studio. The quilting on my invitational quilt for Quilt Canada 2016 is coming along. and I look forward to finishing it with a suitable binding soon. But first things first, I am packing props for my intermediate photography workshop I am teaching tomorrow. I have ten eager participants… let’s hope they all embrace shooting in Manual setting! The objective of the class is to get off the Auto setting and make more informed decisions in variable situations. Looking forward to the challenge! Happy Friday everyone.


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